30 Day Business Challenge: Follow My Progress

Starting the 30 Day Challenge 2Get excited, pay attention, never quit are the 3 rules of network marketing as taught by Marc Accetta. This relates to my attitude, who I listen to and my determination and longevity in the business. I am sold myself, I use the products/services and attend the live trainings. 😀

I aim to get 20 new customers/representatives by Sunday 22nd May, 2016 and personally get them set up and ready to complete their 30 day challenge.

I started on Saturday 23rd April, 2016 I am doing what’s sustainable.

Using the Advantage Program in my Worldventures backoffice. Choose your membership here: Sign Up

30 Day Business Challenge: Follow My Progress
Starting the 30 Day Challenge

Success Magazine Lesson 1: rise above the average with Jim Rohn on “Making Things Happen”: World renowned motivator Jim Rohn says you should get excited about making yourself do the necessary things. People have to change themselves, so Jim shares the three steps anyone can follow in order make things happen.

Also, “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen: In this classic, James Allen examines how a person’s thoughts affect every aspect of his life. Allen admonishes readers to protect their thought life from people, books or media that don’t reflect what they want to become. Published in 1902, the advice in this little classic remains applicable today.

Access these and more when you sign up for membership and Les Brown Be Willing Quotepurchase the Advantage Program as mentioned above to learn what lessons 2 – 30 reveal. Get registered for the training HERE

Return regularly to follow my progress here (for updates) and on YouTube (30 Day Challenge) – Subscribe to My Channel

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Success is dependent on your willingness to grow. You will have to put in a lot of time and spend money to acquire success, Read our Income Disclosure


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5 thoughts on “30 Day Business Challenge: Follow My Progress”

  1. Day 5– More training (Fast Lane Drivetime University) Listening to Matt Morris and a host of other top leaders in this Company…
    Lions never lose sleep over the opinion of sheep…
    Fear of failure will not hold me back, what motivates me is a fear of letting my children, my husband and myself down…
    I’m having fun with the process and I’m in this for the long haul… I’m mastering the art of living.

    Dreams are the fuel that fire desire…

    I have a strong desire to succeed, I have long moved from having a wishbone to having a backbone. If you ‘hungry’ enough, join me today: Sign up Here

    I didn’t start this to quit, I started this to finish the ‘race’ (to the life of my dreams)! 😀

  2. I’ve not been able to update regular short videos as originally thought, however I’ve completed week one and have just started week 2.

    I’ve been listening to the success stories of ordinary people in this business and am receiving various tips on how to transform our lives. Obviously, I am implementing what I’m learning as knowledge unapplied isn’t power!

  3. End of week 2 (7th May)- Growing, learning and implementing. I’ve been coming out of my comfort zone is helping me create uncommon success.



  4. 20160522_125533

    20160522_090957Yippee! I completed the 30 day challenge in Rome, Italy on Saturday 21st, May and I’ve learnt alot and am applying it to my business.

    I didn’t get my 20, however, I am in this for life, so I will keep working my business and present the opportunity to those who are looking. Watch this space as my persistence will be rewarded, wouldn’t you agree?

    Read my post: Learn How You Can Vacation Sooner

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