30 Days Weight Loss Challenge

30 Day weight loss Challenge - portion size
Portion Control

It started out as more like a shape up actually. 😀

I’m currently a lot smaller than I was, but wanted to get my proportions right, so I can take full advantage of my natural shape which is athletic/hour glass.

Nutrition Calculator

My Measurements - 30 days weight loss challenge
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Current measurements/ Size

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I like to measure myself on Sunday mornings. The areas
are my shoulder, waist and hips in the weight loss system
I’ve been following.

When I weighed this Sunday I was in for a shock, because I had
gained some weight and I was blissfully ignorant it had happened! 🙁

30 Days Weight Loss Challenge

I started the challenge on Monday 9th January and measured in:-

  • Shoulder at 44 1/2 inches;
  • *Waist at 30 inches; and
  • *Hips at 37 1/2 inches.

Weekly Updates

Yesterday Sunday the 15th January I measured in at:

  • Shoulder = 44 inches;
  • *Waist = 30 inches; and,
  • *Hips = 39 inches

Let’s hope I don’t continue down this unbelievable route! 🙁
Come back every week for updates below until the 10th of February
when I would have offically ended it.

Weight Loss Strategy
30 Day weight loss Challenge - exercise
Just do it!

The plan is to eat a lot less than I had been eating. I was aiming around 1,300 calories a day and possibly eating over that. Now, my focus will be on eating 1000 calories a day for the next few weeks
and working out following the weight loss system that helped get me and my daughter now 15 (she started at 14 years under my supervision and varying the program to fit her needs as a child) drop a full dress size.

30 Day weight loss Challenge - exercise 2
I should have known hips had widdened

I’ve realised that I need to keep a tighter rein on my portion control as it’s ‘run away’ from me and this is what will mainly bring down my weight with exercise playing a supportive role in my shaping up.

If you want to join me on the weight loss challenge, get support and or join the weight loss community I’m part of. Sign up below 😀 : sign-up-now

* I started out the year with a 29″ waist and 37″ hips.

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5 thoughts on “30 Days Weight Loss Challenge”

  1. Well, I was great for a week and at the weekend I really enjoyed over half a pack of chocolate biscuits. The good thing is it did fall within my eat up (maintenance) days (see image in Nutrition Calculator above), bad thing is, I didn’t exercise selfcontrol and do what I set out to do. 🙁

    So, before the indulgence I had decided that in order to bring my waist measurments down I needed to cut out chocolate, sweets, biscuits, crisps and cake – these are the culprits for my weight gain.

    Also, I exercise following the Venus Factor System daily, except Sundays for 30 – 40 minutes, stretching before and after. 😀

    At church yesterday, someone brought in 2 big double chocoloate cakes which I’m proud to say I never touched.

    As we were in a hurry yesterday, I was only able to quickly measure my waist before going out and it was still at 30″. 🙁

    30 Day weight loss Challenge - exercise 3It’s been very cold and sometimes I have not felt like leaving the warmth of my duvet to exercise, but I have. On Saturday, I had so much work to get on with in the morning I jumped on my exercise machine that night and this is how I looked. Result! 😀

  2. My apologies for the lat update, I have been unwell. However, here is a short video I shot on Sunday the 5th February 2017. This challenge has unconvered a few things that I’ll update you about in the next 2 posts – adding 2 more weeks to cover for the time I missed and the challenges I faced whilst on this challenge. So, return for updates.

  3. Ok, so this is the first post in the additional two weeks added which should have been the end of my 30 days weight loss challenge.

    I promised to explain the reason in last weeks post and they were 2 actually. The first reason was I had discovered that I have started menopasue which was a bit of a surprise to me and secondly, I had developed a migraine which lased days.

    With the realisation of starting menopause I had to first understand and then combat some syntoms I was having (more in my last post next week). However, with the illness I just had to ride it out and discovered that the stash of assorted mints I ate was at the bottom of it!

    However, I’ve back to eating and exercising following the Venus Factor and Eat Stop Eat systems and it’s looking good. 😀

    weight-lossMy measurements on Sunday the 12th February where:
    Shoulders: 43 1/2
    Waist: 29 1/2
    Hips 38 1/2

  4. Final update on the extended 30 days weight loss challenge
    (see previous posts to learn more).

    I forgot to take measurements Sunday morning which is my
    usual measuring time. However, I did take these photos Sunday
    afternoon and the second lot a week later. From the photos it’s
    clear that I’m much smaller than the week before, inspite of the
    issues I faced (menopausal and ill health). Also, no diet pills
    where taken nor do I wear girdles. I’m definately a UK 10 as I
    just bought the black outfit and others in a 10 which are a proper fit.

    One new thing I started in the last week is over 40 exercise
    routine which appear to be working better than I thought – see below! 😀

    Transform your body and get help with the 7 day exercise

    I’m focused on healthy living and working on the inside out.

    Photos from Sunday the 19th and 26th respectively below:










    20170226_143925 20170226_143935

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