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Business consultant and mentorOne perfect way to create a residual income I’ve found is *trading the markets. This, however, will require training and you must understand the markets are volatile, so stocks/forex can go up as well as down – so never trade more than you can afford to lose.

Please note this page has been updated on the 31/10/2018.

Since writing this blog post I have found a more guaranteed and safer way to trade gold on a particular exchange. See video below and do return for future updates. Hurry it’s counting down.

Karatgold IO jpg

Follow the video link above to learn more and read our success story. Also, visit the link to discover and take advantage of the limited offer.

Karatgold Limited Offer

*Never trade more than you can afford to lose. Also, if you have little to know experience I recommend you invest in learning or be prepared to pay for an alert service from a trusted source. I provide trade alert services.



I’ve been having excellent results with my trades and want to share what I’ve learnt with you. If you want to know what’s working now contact me below privately via the comments section (only I will see your comment).

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5 thoughts on “Create the Life YOU Want”

  1. Did you know that most successful traders have more losing trades than winning one’s, but are overall in profit? The reason why they are still in profit is money management. I’ve been focusing my trades on binary trades only for a short while now and am pleased to announce that it’s working splendidly. Get started on 

    Using appropriate money management techniques I am up by 12% so far; and this was from 5 profitable trades out of an overall 25!:D

    Click the video link above for more.

  2. 20170731_113529Closed up just over 41% of my overall bank July ending.
    Came back from France to discover the wonderful surprise.

    How can you get similar or better results?

    Sign up for an account, never trade more than you can
    afford to lose, be patient and ensure whether it be
    the short, medium or long term you are in profit of
    your overall trade bank. 😀

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