VIP Specialist Service

VIP Specialist Service

Introducing our VIP specialist service, come and take advantage of our personal concierge services while at home or travelling. Whether you need someone to run basic errands, pick up concert tickets or cater a chartered yacht, all can be arranged, whilst giving you superior personalized service. 😀


Free laundry pickup/drop off, Package delivery, Post office pickup, Household errand running, Residential cleaning, House-sitting, Pet services, Car detail, Car oil change, Personal services and care, Spa and salon services. Recreational and entertainment requests, Cash-advance facilitation, Wake-up calls, Language translations.


Phone numbers, Traffic reports, Weather updates, Locations/addresses. Menu information, Exchange rates, Directory assistance, Local information Flight status.

VIP SERVICES – Bookings and reservations for:VIP Specialist Service

Public, private and exclusive nightclubs; VIP-only venues, VIP travel assistance, Red carpet treatment.


Medical referrals,
Physician locator,
Nurse care
Dental care.


Towing and repair services Interrupted trip assistance, Travel emergency assistance, Passport/visa information, Embassy/consulate lookup, Roadside assistance, Lost ticket replacement, Lost documentation assistance, Lost credit card help, Customs information, Baggage location and retrieval.

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Access to 50,000+ events, Event planning and booking, Booking for shows, sporting events, musicals, plays, concerts, ballets and operas, Nightlife/VIP arrangements, Booking and reservations for dinner, private members’ clubs and lifetime experiences, Gift purchasing, Flowers, Concert and event tickets, Tee-time booking, Last-minute arrangements, Airport transportation and transfers, Hotel and rental property bookings, Private travel bookings, Itinerary/experimental planning, Restaurant reservations, Travel information, Local transportation. You can go direct to the website Here or reach out to me for help accessing what you need.

We can provide you with a tailor made service for your upcoming event, like birthday party, business conference, wedding, Christmas party etc. Please note, to benefit from our VIP specialist service and event planning email me with your name and contact number for a consultation  using the web form above on the left of this page. Alternatively, send me a private comment below (it won’t be published).

Update 2016

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