Beyond the 90 Days Weight Loss Challenge

Here’s my final video re my 90 days weight loss challenge.

Beyond the 90 Days Weight Loss ChallengeI finally cracked the skinny fat and yo yo dieting code, for me anyway, I was eating too many calories. This was why inspite of my active lifestyle I still managed to gain weight. Now I’ve cut down on my calorie intake by reducing main meals to two, namely, breakfast and lunch (late lunch) and virtually cutting out snacks. That’s not to say I don’t have the odd snack, but I restrict myself so I can be healthy and be at a healthy weight for my height, sex and age (47 years old at time of writing). If I’ve over eaten one day I scale back the next or the day after and increase my fitness activities.

I hope I have inspired others to look my closely at their weight and health and look forward to hearing your stories and watching your videos.

Additionally, I have kept up with my vitamins (keeping healthy from the inside out) intake, as minerals lacking in our food needs to be replaced to avoid deficiency and the problems that brings. You can order your plant derived minerals HERE

For all my coffe lovers out there who want or need their daily dose, but could do without the caffeine, you should try the ganoderma lucidum infused variety HERE

N.B. To follow my progress in the past months go HERE

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