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Conclusion Of Practical Ways To Leave An Inheritance…

Please see the concluding part of this how to video.

Don’t forget to register your accounts and fund the trading account in order to place a trade. I will be looking to enter potential trades with you, so you may experience the benefits for yourself. Please note, it’s possible to lose some or all of your bank when you do not trade wisely or lack the skill.

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Health Benefits of Ganoderma

OrganoGoldBorneoPostNot only is Organo Gold a savvy business investment – people will buy it no matter the economy, hence recession proof, so it pays to invest in the coffee business. 😀 Continue reading Health Benefits of Ganoderma

Why I Chose Worldventures

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time you’ll be aware of my passion for creating a residual income and multiple income streams through home based business arena.

leave a legacy - CopyGet paid to travel - CopyTravel events near youYou may also be aware of my passion for personal development and this is a must have when considering a home business. Continue reading Why I Chose Worldventures

Blood Pressure Reading
Dr’s handwriting

Update so far. I was put back on the amlodipine 5mg medication in January as my blood pressure was 149/101 and the doctor was unhappy with that. I wasn’t happy, but understood something had to be done immediately to bring it down.

So, I started taking it having agreed with the doctor that it will be reviewed in 3 months. A short time later, a matter of 2 weeks really, I went back to the doctor as I had been experiencing pain in my stomach, tightening in my chest and pain in my shoulders.

The doctor then suggested I’d be taken off and monitored fortnightly. At my appointment yesterday the doctor checked my blood pressure and told me the reading. I wanted to shout for joy in the surgery, so with a huge grin I exclaimed, “Yes, thank you Jesus!” Looking up in gratitude. I weighed 82.5 kg on the 10th February 2016 and yesterday my weight was 80 kg.