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Going Out on a Limb

‘…Risk your life and get more than you ever dreamed…’

As an Iowa farm boy, Robert Schuller remembers how his dad needed every particle of grain from the previous year’s crop to feed his livestock. Nevertheless, there was always a little corner of the corn bin he refused to touch. When Schuller said, ‘Dad, you still have grain in there,’ his father would reply, ‘That’s next year’s seed.’ And when spring came he planted it. Schuller writes: ‘Suppose he’d Continue reading Going Out on a Limb

Do You Have A System?

I recently learnt that the term system stands For Saving Yourself Time, Energy and Money.

Colonel Sanders of KFC, Henry Ford of Ford cars, Ray Kroc of MacDonald’s all had a system. Your initial goal should only be to become a student, it’s once you’ve committed yourself to learning, you can then become a teacher. :)


A System For Success


If you know what you know about Microsoft and Facebook today and if you could go back in time to invest in them, would you?

I’m launching a brand new business, which I am sharing with my friends and family first, however I’m including you as a potential business associate only if you are committed to success.

Do I have the credibility to have at least 30 minutes of your time? If yes, let’s agree a time and date for this meeting (leave your name and number confidentially below).

My goal is to help families, couples especially, to change their lives for the better; and personal development and residual income is a great way to do it!

Since joining the home business industry in October 2003, I’ve come to learn through various training and interactions with other home based business owners that relying on a job alone is unwise. A job will keep you just over broke (J.O.B acronym) whilst residual income is the vehicle for becoming debt free and financially independent; and financially independence in addition to a godly character is a great legacy to leave your children!

Contact me to get started

I look forward to our meeting.

Failure Is Not An Option – Female Entrepreneurs

Failure is not an option

As a woman in business my greatest challenge has been getting the support of my husband of 22 years and staying motivated in spite of of it.

You see, I read law and after a few years practicing I decided it was no longer a passion of mine as my new passion was to become a female entrepreneur. My hopes and dreams of succeeding here were incomprehensible to him, so therefore impossible; and he would sometimes tell me so. He had more faith in a steady income from a job whilst I did not; and a few jobs later I decided I would do this full time my way, which was focus full time on being a female entrepreneur so I could concentrate on succeeding.

My goal is creating multiple income streams and residual income and no matter how much I’ve tried I can’t dull the passion.

It’s what’s constantly on my mind and in my dreams and I know the success of many up and coming fellow female entrepreneurs is reliant on my reaching my goal! 😀

So, I constantly commit myself to personal development and training and am closer now to my ultimate goal of financial freedom because I dared not only to dream, but take consistent action and in spite of failure still press on towards my goal.

If you’re a  married female entrepreneur and lack the support of your spouse, don’t worry, as long as you are passionate, commit yourself to growth and keep pressing on, you’ll reach your goal. How do I know? Throughout history failure and hardship generally precede great success and because failure for the determined, is not an option.

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Extreme Profit Course – Maximise Profits

Is it Possible to get to $1,000,000 in trade profits?
Right now the course creator and teacher of this Extreme Profit Course I’m introducing to here is in the process of doing just that and in 2 years has turned $10,000 to $100,000, and will reach the million dollar make in another year or so, using a technique that maximise profits, it called Extreme Profits! 😀

Extreme Profit Course - Maximise Profits
Dear Fellow Trader,

Are you looking for a way to make life changing money? Are you willing to take some risk to achieve it?

Then our Extreme Profits course is for you.

This is a unique program that uses advanced mathematics to turbo charge your trading. The techniques in this course will create a trading program that will be like driving a super charged Ferrari in sixth gear…downhill…with no breaks.

You’ll probably set a new speed record but you will be scared most of the way. That is a lot like our Extreme Profit system.

Have I scared you away yet?

This course is not for everyone. But, for those who are willing to handle the risk and want an opportunity to truly change their life quickly, then this course is perfect for you.


Good trading, To learn more follow the link here to pay a introduction fee and access the video that will reveal more…

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How To Leave An Inheritance To Your Children’s Children

How To Leave An Inheritance To Your Children's Children

Did you know one of the reasons I hosted the Love Nurture Functions in the past was to show parents how we could leave and inheritance to our children’s children?

What I’ve realised over the years is a lot of the couples I know, know how to stay together, Praise God! However, we haven’t really mastered the leaving an inheritance part and this comes from residual income, a fact, like gravity that works whether we like it or not. :)

Earn A Residual To Leave An Inheritance 

Do you earn a residual income?

My husband and I attended a business conference last year where that question was asked of the attendees. The speaker stated an alarming fact and said Africans, specifically Nigerians are good at throwing parties and bad at investing in the future and that we generally consider Working Tax Credit and Child Benefit to be sources of residual income! :(

How To Leave An Inheritance To Your Children’s Children

How To Leave An Inheritance To Your Children's ChildrenTruth is, personally since starting Love Nurture, I have been burdened by this knowledge and have searched, researched and signed up for a quite a few programs to get the information that parents are lacking. Succinctly put, residual income is money you get from other sources without much effort on your part following the initial setup. The trick is to find your passion and promote it to like minded individuals by becoming an affiliate or you can market your own product and services from one place and earn a residual. :)

Interested? Do you have a passion you’d like to present to the right people? Do you have a product or service to market? Could you refer others using a easy to follow process and be paid for it? Would you like to have multiple income streams?

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The God of All Comfort

The God of All Comfort
..Can comfort You!


Just a reminder today, that God gives comfort to all who will believe and receive it and the good thing is the comfort is not limited to anyone situation, it extends to all areas where you or I need it!
Funny how we can trust instructors and other seeming experts, but find it hard to trust God who is Almighty and the one who holds our lives in his hands! 😀

Here are a list of scriptures to give you comfort whatever you’re going through right now:

• 4 who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God, 2 Corinthians 1:4, New International Version (NIV).

• 3 Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, 4 who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God, 2 Corinthian 2: 3-4, King James Version (KJV).

• 29 Then touched he their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it unto you, Matthew 9:29, King James Version (KJV)

• 13 As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you; and ye shall be comforted in Jerusalem – Isaiah 66:13, King James Version (KJV).

The God of All Comfort• 15 Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? Yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee.
16 Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually
before me” Isaiah 49:15-16, King James Version (KJV)

We go to bed every night expecting to wake up in the morning that is trust in God’s invisible power to save us. I don’t see every breath I take to know that I’m alive, so why should you want to see God first to trust him?

It’s innate in us that there is a God, so decide to trust him today.
Have a great day in the assurance that God is holding you in the palm of his hands- Psalms 19:1 -2.

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Trade Options

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Trade Options 5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Trade Options 5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Trade Options

Trading stocks can be great, but trading options is ALMOST ALWAYS better than trading stocks. Check out this short video to see why!
5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Trade Options 
Your teacher for this system used to be a financial adviser. Some are better than others, and I’ve used them in the past myself. But the standard sales pitch and practice for most of them is to toss you into mutual funds for the “long haul” while you pay them fees. Most mutual funds do NOT outperform the general market AFTER you take into account the fees they charge you. After the last market crash of 2007, it took over 5 YEARS just to get back to break even! You can do better!
5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Trade Options 
Markets are hovering near ALL TIME HIGHS as they were in 2007. In addition, many experts are saying that the markets are acting strangely in that bad news is good news, and good news is bad news. Stocks these days have been described as “Fed Addicted”. Does that sound safe and sound to you??? You need to learn how to both survive and thrive. Click here to learn something useful for free:
5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Trade Options 
I can’t wait to show you a whole new world of great profits that might even help you retire young and in STYLE! But first you have to learn the ropes from experienced pros. Hope to talk to you soon!

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Thank you for visiting, liking and sharing!

Make Money Trading Options

Make Money Trading Options Make Money Trading Options Make Money Trading Options

Options’ trading is a very lucrative way to build wealth once you know how. Recently, my husband and I attended a 3 day seminar with the ‘Grandfather’ of trading in my opinion, Mr Courtney D Smith and it was a complete eye opener, well worth the 4 figure price. However, he very graciously gave permission for resale rights of the information, so I’ve endeavoured to  start with Options as options has greater potential to triple profits with less money. In the pdf downloads you will be purchasing here at a HUGE discount, you will be learning about Options basics and techniques. Upon payment you will have access to information that will give you a deep understanding of what it is that drive Options prices.

You will learn different strategies, how to integrate options

Components of options - call or putstrategies, and you will also learn when is an option over-valued or under-valued. Since it’s important that you do not buy overvalued options and you do not sell undervalued options. If you do
that you’re going to be a consistent loser in the market. So you want to avoid that!

Note: it’s really important to understand that going forward that this crucial information may initially appear tedious, but it’s vital for your learning. As once you understand the Greeks, then you can construct any strategy and you can monitor any strategy, and the level of power of what Options can do goes up exponentially, if you understand the Greeks. And to tell the truth – it’s really common sense! Once Courtney describes it you’ll see that it’s pretty much common sense. 😀

Make Money Trading OptionsHe presents some different strategies: strategies on how to make money when the market is dull, how to make money when the market is volatile. These are called “non-directional” strategies. You don’t care if the market goes up or down. You just want it to go up or down. Or you don’t want to go up and down. Either way. So those are ways that we can make money–consistently grinding out money all the time.

He showed how to integrate the basic things that he teaches on how to pick a stock, with Options. So in effect taking the things that you already know and then adding a lot of leverage to them. How do you integrate Options with normal trading? In other words, substituting an Option for a Stock in order to maximize profit. Since the leverage of Options is basically 100 to one: each option is a hundred shares, you’re really dramatically increasing your potential profitability through the use of Options.Make Money Trading Options

We are also going to learn about his version of the Covered Call writing, where basically he’s been making about 45% for many many years. The last couple of years were actually excellent years, about 65%. However, he thinks we are back to normal times so he’s looking now for 45% again. Still excellent returns. If you can compound your money at that rate that’s a lot of money.

If you choose to sign up today you get downloadable pdfs, videos and email updates of our updated list of High Volume Swingers and ETF’s direct to your email, so don’t forget on receipt of your material to add your email address to our private list shown on your receipt. Get started when you add to cart today. :)

This Course is no longer for sale! You can however join my list if you want mentoring here: Make Money Trading Options

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Government Required Disclaimer – Commodity Futures Trading Commission Futures and Options trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the futures and options markets. Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose. This is neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell futures, stocks or options on the same. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this web site. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.

P.S. Due to the nature of receipt of this material, we cannot entertain refund request as once you receive them you have access to valuable information enabling you to start trading.

Love Nurture Online Coaching


Love Nurture Online Coaching Every year, millions of people set goals for themselves.

And every year, millions of people fail to reach those goals.


I’ve learnt that the main reason is people don’t do what they say they are going to do. They know what needs to be done, but they don’t make the commitment or take consistent action to reach their goals.  I’ve also discovered the power and benefit of accountability and when you lack it, it’s a bad habit that will be a constant road block to your success, unless it is eradicated and replaced by new habits of taking consistent targeted action. 😀

Personally, because I fell into this category really by just being overwhelmed with the magnitude and the task before me and no one to really hold me accountable I failed to reach a quarter of my commitments, let alone half! This happened year after year. :(

Join the Love Nurture Online Coaching

Love Nurture Online CoachingWhen you join my Coaching and Mentoring you get me as your Love Nurture makeover coach with the aim of helping you reach your goals and if you’re ready to create success habits that will be your foundation for success. As one who has been through and still going through the journey of building and achieving sustainable goals consistently, I will be your accountability coach that will hold you accountable. Join me, if you feel you can benefit from this type of accountability coaching where you understand that achieving your goals and dreams does take time and will involve work, so can get boring (depending on your mindset) because you are building up a solid foundation; but if you persist it will become fun i.e. reaching your goals will be achieved.  Your excuses will become a thing of the past. You will set goals and intentions in areas like work, health, and relationships and as your coach I will drive you to meet and exceed those targets! Join me below:  😀

Remember, it is already the second week in the second month of the year and if you have already forgotten or given up on plans, goals and new year’s resolutions, can you really afford to keep doing the same thing you have been doing and failing at it?

Join my Coaching and Mentoring  when you signup below:

Work Life Balance

Getting the Work Life Balance Right

I watched Wanted Down Under Revisited following the Wintrip family’s journey to relocate to Australia where they would have a better work life balance.

 Work Life Balance

From what I could gather as I had missed 15 minutes of it, was this had been something that had been an ongoing, possibly, on and off discussion that the couple had had years ago, approximately 10 years!

What made me emotional along with the fact that they had started it – the crying that is, was the family, friends and lifestyle that they had in the UK that would be greatly missed! :(

Well, they made the transition, not without more drama – one of their son’s announced the impending birth of their first grandchild! The question now was should they stay or should they go?Puzzled look

A Viable Option For Work Life Balance

   Work Life BalanceWhat is the point I’m trying to bring out here in addition to the obvious, which is, I love travel/property shows, is obtaining the work life balance is what every good husband and wife wants. Question is, how can you get it?Puzzled look

Well, lessons from the Wintrip family, don’t wait for years before you do the inevitable. One thing they said which made it harder to leave was leaving their sons behind. Now, if they had left when their sons were still dependent boys, it wouldn’t be an issue.

Also, leaving the UK much earlier in their married life would not have impacted on their work life balance as it did prior to the final decision to move. :(

The program finished over an hour a ago, but it amazes me how much of it resonated with me (the fact that I’m able to write all this from memory) and hopefully with you.

This is what I have endeavoured to show through Love Nurture and Love Nurture Investments and what it has been all about, which is getting the work life balance right with God at the centre of course! 😀

What can you do now to improve your work life balance without uprooting yourself and family half way across the world? Well, investing in stocks, shares and property is the best way I know how as it simple and affordable if you sign up with me. This is what I have been building upon in the last few years and this year, in the first quarter infact, it’s now all coming to fruition. 😀

Although, I’m impressed with the initiative the Wintrip family took to achieve their dreams for a better lifestyle that had a good balance of work and family, but at what cost I ask? I could see that they were torn, they confirmed it with lots of tears and thought provoking questions and statements throughout the program.

What Now?

You could decide to,’Up Sticks’ and leave the UK or wherever you are for greener pastures or you could signup here now and create a passive income to influence and positively affect your work life balance. Either way you’ll be taking a risk and what is life without taking risks for a better quality of existence? Or you could do nothing, in any case it’s you and your loved one’s who’ll live with the consequences. This (the last option) I might add, is a risky option also.


Signup for the Love Nurture Investment Wealth Creation club to help you get you work life balance right here: