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Pay Yourself First

Register A Free Affiliate Account to Pay Yourself First

This post was originally posted on Facebook, to find all the image evidence of my purchases you will need to go there as they have failed to upload here. However, see below for the full post.

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Pay Off Your Mortgage In 5…

house-1407562_640If you are a parent who wants to leave wealth and houses to your children (learn why here Proverbs 13:22 and Proverbs 19:14) Please read on…

We know that owning property is a sound investment, but as one who owns at least one at the time of writing let me break this down: Continue reading Pay Off Your Mortgage In 5…

Going Out on a Limb

‘…Risk your life and get more than you ever dreamed…’

As an Iowa farm boy, Robert Schuller remembers how his dad needed every particle of grain from the previous year’s crop to feed his livestock. Nevertheless, there was always a little corner of the corn bin he refused to touch. When Schuller said, ‘Dad, you still have grain in there,’ his father would reply, ‘That’s next year’s seed.’ And when spring came he planted it. Schuller writes: ‘Suppose he’d Continue reading Going Out on a Limb

Love Nurture Online Coaching


Love Nurture Online Coaching Every year, millions of people set goals for themselves.

And every year, millions of people fail to reach those goals.


I’ve learnt that the main reason is people don’t do what they say they are going to do. They know what needs to be done, but they don’t make the commitment or take consistent action to reach their goals.  I’ve also discovered the power and benefit of accountability and when you lack it, it’s a bad habit that will be a constant roadblock to your success, unless it is eradicated and replaced by new habits of taking consistent targeted action. 😀

Personally, because I fell into this category really by just being overwhelmed with the magnitude and the task before me and no one to really hold me accountable I failed to reach a quarter of my commitments, let alone half! This happened year after year. :(

Join the Love Nurture Online Coaching

Love Nurture Online CoachingWhen you join my Coaching and Mentoring you get me as your Love Nurture makeover coach with the aim of helping you reach your goals and if you’re ready to create success habits that will be your foundation for success. As one who has been through and still going through the journey of building and achieving sustainable goals consistently, I will be your accountability coach that will hold you accountable. Join me, if you feel you can benefit from this type of accountability coaching where you understand that achieving your goals and dreams does take time and will involve work, so can get boring (depending on your mindset) because you are building up a solid foundation; but if you persist it will become fun i.e. reaching your goals will be achieved.  Your excuses will become a thing of the past. You will set goals and intentions in areas of work, health, and relationships and as your coach, I will drive you to meet and exceed those targets! Reach out to me to join me today here 😀

It is already the second week in the second month of the year at the time of writing and if you have already forgotten or given up on plans, goals and new year’s resolutions, can you really afford to keep doing the same thing you have been doing and failing at it?

Contact me today to get started on receiving Coaching and Mentoring.

Work Life Balance

Getting the Work Life Balance Right

I watched Wanted Down Under Revisited following the Wintrip family’s journey to relocate to Australia where they would have a better work life balance.

 Work Life Balance

From what I could gather as I had missed 15 minutes of it, was this had been something that had been an ongoing, possibly, on and off discussion that the couple had had years ago, approximately 10 years!

What made me emotional along with the fact that they had started it – the crying that is, was the family, friends and lifestyle that they had in the UK that would be greatly missed! :(

Well, they made the transition, not without more drama – one of their son’s announced the impending birth of their first grandchild! The question now was should they stay or should they go?Puzzled look

A Viable Option For Work Life Balance

   Work Life BalanceWhat is the point I’m trying to bring out here in addition to the obvious, which is, I love travel/property shows, is obtaining the work life balance is what every good husband and wife wants. Question is, how can you get it?Puzzled look

Well, lessons from the Wintrip family, don’t wait for years before you do the inevitable. One thing they said which made it harder to leave was leaving their sons behind. Now, if they had left when their sons were still dependent boys, it wouldn’t be an issue.

Also, leaving the UK much earlier in their married life would not have impacted on their work life balance as it did prior to the final decision to move. :(

The program finished over an hour a ago, but it amazes me how much of it resonated with me (the fact that I’m able to write all this from memory) and hopefully with you.

This is what I have endeavoured to show through Love Nurture and Love Nurture Investments and what it has been all about, which is getting the work life balance right with God at the centre of course! 😀

What can you do now to improve your work life balance without uprooting yourself and family half way across the world? Well, investing in stocks, shares and property is the best way I know how as it simple and affordable if you sign up with me. This is what I have been building upon in the last few years and this year, in the first quarter infact, it’s now all coming to fruition. 😀

Although, I’m impressed with the initiative the Wintrip family took to achieve their dreams for a better lifestyle that had a good balance of work and family, but at what cost I ask? I could see that they were torn, they confirmed it with lots of tears and thought provoking questions and statements throughout the program.

What Now?

You could decide to,’Up Sticks’ and leave the UK or wherever you are for greener pastures or you could signup here now and create a passive income to influence and positively affect your work life balance. Either way you’ll be taking a risk and what is life without taking risks for a better quality of existence? Or you could do nothing, in any case it’s you and your loved one’s who’ll live with the consequences. This (the last option) I might add, is a risky option also.


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Trade Like A Pro And Retire Early

Trade Like A Pro And Retire Early

Are you tired of working all day, everyday without living the life you truly want? Well that life could soon be within your reach…

You may believe you need to work tirelessly for years and years before finally getting to retirement. I used to think the same way.

That is until I realized I didn’t have to live my life according to the “norm”. I found that I could live the way I want…

Trade Like A Pro And Retire EarlyJust imagine sitting on the beach right now…with no responsibilities, no worries, and all the freedom in the world…this doesn’t to be just a dream; it could be YOUR reality.

 You Could DOUBLE Your Money in 6 Months…

The fact of the matter is that many people benefit from you working hard for your entire life, which is why they don’t want you to learn this powerful secret. The rich don’t want you taking a slice of the pie; they want it for themselves.

But once this secret is revealed to you, there is nothing they can do to keep YOU from becoming just as wealthy. I promise you that if you never do anything to change your life, it will continue down the same path. But if you decide to do something about it by reading this, you could have a chance to live the way you want.

The essence of this secret has been used before to make millions of dollars, so what is stopping you from using the very same secret?..

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I have traded several systems over the years and some profitable, records of this is on the world wide web and can be found in some of my earliest tweets. :)

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Remember the second chart? I mentioned this tip to you before when you could have gotten in earlier see previous evidence on the world wide web. Hurry before you completely miss out!

Successful People Are Dreamers


Brian-Tracy-Success-Picture-Quotes (1)

how-to-be-successfulYour dreams are your visions of where you’ll be after the battle, your prize at the end of your journey to success. Your goals are the steps you take to finally attain your prize.

Unless you’re willing to work hard and establish some discipline in your life, all of your dreams will be pipe dreams, little mental fantasy trips that will never materialize.

Make concrete steps toward fulfilling your ultimate dream, and start with solid objectives called goals. Your dreams are where you want to go, your goals are how you get there.

The first indispensable step to getting the things you want out of life is this. Decide what you want.

Don’t be afraid to think big and dare to be great. Dreamers are not content with mediocrity. They never dream of going half way.

People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.

What would you do if you had access to successful people from all works of life to mentor you?

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Quality Goods For Less

Quality Goods For LessAs a wife and mother I know the benefits of getting quality goods for less and a few years ago I discovered the Wholesale Pages. I know from personal discussions, my previous activities on eBay and current activities on Amazon, to name a few that there are many people who are out there looking for a deal.  So, I decided  to source products and services that would interest and benefit other families like mine and show them how to get these quality goods for less. Visit the website to get started, by clicking the banner below:

Wholesalers and Dropshippers Directory

am not sure if you know about Wholesale Pages and how it has changed lives of hundreds of people and businesses.

See latest wholesale deals – Access Special Offers

If you ever thought of working from home but did not know where to start then Wholesale Pages is the place to visit for clearing your doubts and getting your answers. Using their help and resources I have managed to discover how people make so much money on ebay, and where they purchase the products from. The secret sources and suppliers have all been revealed to me.

Well, now is your chance to get your hands on Wholesale Pages too:

Wholesale Pages

At Wholesale Pages you can gain access to literally all types of wholesalers, dropshippers, suppliers, wholesale offers, bargains, and so much more that you will never buy at retail prices again. Also, what I discovered was that these wholesalers are willing to fulfill single item orders so even if you are not in a trading business you can still buy products at amazingly discounted prices and at times even up to 90% cheaper than retail prices.

Wholesale and Dropship Directory

Some of the resources that you can access in the Wholesale Pages members area are:

  •  UK Wholesalers Directory containing over 10,000 UK suppliers, dropshippers, manufacturers, distributors, importers and more
  •  Largest UK dropshippers directory available on the net with daily updates and thousands of dropship products
  • Products and special offers directory with thousands of amazing products available at wholesale prices. Some of these offers will blow you out.
  • UK markets, fairs, auctions, property auctions and car boot sales directories.
  • International wholesalers, dropshippers and product sourcing directories with thousands of suppliers from USA, China, Hong Kong, France and many other countries.
  • Quotes section where you can leave your orders to thousands of wholesalers directly and see how your inbox gets flooded with quotes and offers.
  • eBay ebooks and guides with latest information about ebay and how to master the art of selling on ebay.
  • Daily updates by their dedicated research staff.
  • Many other resourceful information guides and ebooks.

I can continue forever as these are just some of the resources available in the members area at Wholesale Pages. I know that the over-all deal sounds too good to be true so why don’t you check it out for yourself:

Wholesale Pages

Don’t miss out on this. They have increased their membership prices in the past and you never know when the prices might increase again. I opted for their lifetime package for a single one-off payment and the best part is that all the future updates and enhancements are included in my membership. One of their staff members told me recently that they will be increasing their sign-up fees soon so grab this golden opportunity at dirt cheap rates.

Lastly, I would just like to say that this is the only wholesale directory where I have seen regular updates. New offers are added on a daily basis. If you have ever, and I really mean EVER, thought of trading online then Wholesale Pages is definitely your one stop shop for all your sourcing needs. Click on the link or banner below:

Wholesale Pages

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Organo Gold Coffee


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Setting Clear Intentions

Setting Clear IntentionsSetting clear intentions for your goals, hopes and dreams can work wonders in your life! :)

Think back to a time when you really wanted something and what you did to get it. Was it constantly on your mind? Did you daily work towards it? Were you indifferent about or intent on it? Setting Clear Intentions

Answering these questions will help you focus on what is important in your marriage, family, work and or business and having the right attitude and focus will help get you to your goal. :)

To help you commit to attaining your dreams, I HIGHLY Setting Clear Intentionsrecommend practical personal development coaching and training as they will help you remain focused and committed. Setting Clear Intentions

When something is out of sight it’s usually out of mind, this practical personal development training/coaching will help you set clear intentions starting today.

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The Power of A Blog To Build Your Business


Discover How You Can Quickly And Almost Effortlessly Create Traffic Exploding And Money Making Blog Posts…For FREE!

Using these 10 surprisingly simple secrets your content will virtually write itself…

A blog is a platform to share your ideas, hobbies, interests or business and when you share it to the right people who are looking for the relevant information the power to build your business is phenomenal! :)

If you own a business you really do need to understand the power of a blog to build your business. It’s a platform to showcase your product and services to the right people and then share the link on the world wide web through social media and when done correctly, this is virtually a free online marketing resource.

You can get your business recognised and profitable just by doing these 3 simple things, namely:

  • Blog daily;cover-perfect-blog-post-lm1
  • Tell others
  • Get paid

How? By getting a very lucrative yet practical automated blogging system you will be set up with all the core features required to get your first blog post today. Then to start earning money you become an affiliate. :)

However, be warned you have to commit to your business and do exactly what is required and you will be shown exactly what to do and then your success is up to you!

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Another great feature about this blogging system is you join a community of other successful bloggers online and at the quarterly business events where you learn how to become even more successful than you’ve ever been. Learn details of the next event when your join today. :)

Imagine having the opportunity to meet face to face with someone or a group of people who are already enjoying the success you want. What could you learn and how could an experience like this benefit your life? What would you do with your new found success? How would earning a lot more benefit your family? What charitable deeds could you do? What vision could be accomplished? How would you impact the lives of others? :)

Just imaging the absolute complete freedom of owning a blog. All you have to do is take action, work hard and follow an already successful proven formula to the letter! Think you can do that? :)

Then get started today, right now. :)

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