Do You Want More Time & Money Freedom?

Do You Want More Time & Money Freedom

  • Do you have a lot of debts and bills?
  • Are you able to afford putting your children through university/ college?
  • Can you afford a holiday or have you missed out on holidays?
  • Do you have enough money in your retirement fund?

Are your problems so big and constantly on your mind that you cannot enjoy a meal  out with your spouse or take a holiday? Believe me, I’m acutely aware of these issues and am passionate about providing a solution to all who want and need it, hence starting Love Nurture in October 2003!

I hosted a webinar on the 27th January 2016 at 9pm GMT (London) and my special guest was a business woman who used to be in banking for a number of years and was successful in it. However, she now travels the world showing people how they can have fun, family and freedom to enjoy life as it should be.  Unfortunately, technical difficulties prevented her joining the webinar, which went ahead as scheduled.

Who am I and why should you listen to me? Excellent question! 😀

MeIn addition to the information on the home page of this website, I am passionate about helping parents to create a residual income so that they are able to leave an inheritance to their children’s children.

What does that mean? You may ask. Another, great question.

It’s the ability to pay your bills easily, enjoy life thoroughly, pay for your children’s college and university,  allow your children the financial freedom head start that is free from student loans and debts plaguing many of them today. Learn the Money Jar System

Residual IncomeIt’s also about being able to pass on the practical skill of creating a residual income, understanding the difference between assets and liabilities, so they don’t begin their adult life defeated by debt and financial worries. This has been my concern as a wife and mother when the joint salaries never seemed to be enough, consequently causing me and my family to miss out on holidays, never able to go out as a couple for a nice meal together, living under financial stress and tension for years, struggling to make important payments on time every time! :(

Now that I’m creating a regular residual income and cash flow, I’m in a position to share my knowledge and help others who are going through these same struggles also create a residual income; and cash flow so they can take care of themselves and family without financial pressures and have the time and money freedom that comes with that! 😀

Now you know a bit more about me and my motivation, I hope you will help me spread the word even if you feel this isn’t for you, someone you know might be suffering in silence and I might just be the answer to their unspoken prayers! Thank you. :)

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