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Video update today 26/03/16 – See photographs below:


I had started a post about this last year here, unfortunately I can’t find it as I may have somehow deleted it (don’t worry that won’t happen again). I had shared how my church Pneuma Christian Centre, Beddington Lane Croydon, Surrey UK, had initiated the project to build a well when our associate Pastor Alfred Wolfe went to Uganda and saw a need last year.

I had asked for kind donations and promised some updates as they Makoma Project - Bottle 2 Makoma Project - Fundraising Pneuma Christian Centre - Makoma Project Segun - T Shirtcame. I have not received any outside donations to date in response, however we have been raising in house. I’m proud to say, the Women’s ministry, which I am a part of raised £200 last year at the time of our yearly conference in June 2015.

Next Saturday our church administrator – Oluwasegun ( Segun) Dada – wearing the tee shirt seen here in the video footage with Pastor Wolfe and in the photographs will be running 10 miles in aid of this fundraising, he’s already done a trial run a few weeks ago -see below. So, I am asking all visitors to my website, well wishers, friends, followers etc. to help support. Click the link to learn more and to give here: Just Giving

Give what you can and do please spread the word, it’s for a good cause! I’ll keep you posted. Thank you in anticipation of your support. 😀

Makoma Fundraising Run


Join the Fundraising

Our church members are getting really creative as you have read and seen above. I am giving £1 each for every copy of my novel and book sold (even those paid for in $$$). So spread the word and share the links, see below:

The Top 10 Marriage Qualities – Click Here
Anchored Assurance – Hard Copy (UK Only)
Anchored Assurance PDF – Immediate Download

Please note, our Just Funding page closed in the first week of April 2016. However, all donations through purchase of my novel and book shall be passed on.


Our Church successfully completed the Makoma Well Project In Uganda thanks to all the hard work and donations from members.

We have a Welfare Missions Fund  (WMF) and we are constantly supporting different charities worldwide and meeting internal needs. If God has laid on your heart to help then get your copy and ask that a pound of every  purchase you make be given to the WMF.

Do return for updates 2019.

Thank you in advance for your support! 😀

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5 thoughts on “Fundraising – Makoma Well Project”

  1. To date contributions for the run is £855 see here Thank you all who gave for your support. If you haven’t see above for details. 😀

  2. Update/story so far:
    The people of Makoma Uganda have secured the land and dug the well, but still have more work to be done and expenses to be paid before they can have clean drinking water locally…

    img-20161113-wa0008 img-20161113-wa0017 img-20161113-wa0020

    Please give generously and spread the word! 😀

    Follow the link for more images from my photo album here

  3. water-1487304_640Donations for this project are still coming in – people have been very generous. Please help make this a very merry Christmas for the children and adults of Makoma. All they ask is the privilege of clean drinking water, let’s help make it happen. Buy a copy of Top 10 Marriage Qualities and or Anchored Assurance as a Christmas gift for someone and 40% of proceeds will go to this noble cause this Christmas! 🙂

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