Eliminate High Blood Pressure – My Weekly Journey

Well, I’ve ordered my copy of the Venus Factor System today and went for all the bonuses stopping at the ‘Venus Immersion’ upgrade. I chose to focus on the Venus Factor first then after 12 weeks determine if I need to upgrade for the individual help and advance coaching. The benefit of the Venus Immersion is the free 30 Day Trial as well as the obvious support and value added bonuses.

My Review of Venus Factor

However, I have started at the beginning reading the 185 pageEliminate High Blood Pressure – Week 4
Pp -18-20:  Seeks to explain the inherent physical differences in men and women, citing body composition between men and women as a major factor. I like the fact that this system helps you to keep in mind that the body fat percentage you want to achieve is specific to you. The goal is to achieve the body that makes you the happiest and proudest – Get Started

Pp 22- 27:  Talks about a natural chemical in our body called leptin which acts as a signal for hormone involved in the regulation and signaling of bone density; metabolic rate; fat mass; cognition and memory; inflammation; taste and sweetness perception; insulin sensitivity; andeven the pathogenesis of skin tags (Moran CN, et al. 2011; de Boer TN, et al. 2012; Horio N, et al.2010; El Safoury, et al. 2010) Get Started

P28 –  The fundamental law of energy balance and fat loss which does not change is that your body requires a certain amount of calories to function in a day and that you need to consume less than those calories in order to force your body to burn up some of its body fat – Get Started

The Venus System shows that all foods can have their place in a weight loss program. There are no good or bad, it’s worked out in a way that you eat within the specific calorie level for your specific needs. It’s about a unique way of counting calories for an individual to reach their specific goal. The premise is working on your belief system about good and bad food and finding a healthy balance for weight loss and maintenance – p31-32 .

That said it does go on to explain that everyone has what is called their ‘ Hot Button’ foods which you will need to minimise your exposure to, to avoid setting yourself up to fail (notice this theme over the last few weeks?) Order yours now so together we can get fit and combat high blood pressure or whatever physical malady you have this year and beyond here: The Venus Factor

Frankly, it’s a 12 week program once followed properly could get you in the best shape of your life by this time in March 2015 (or 12 weeks from the time you start!) Long after others have ditched their New Year’s resolution to lose weight, you’ll be revealing the best body and shape of your life. Aren’t you excited? I am, so come join me here: The Venus Factor

Eliminate High Blood Pressure – Week 4Oh, finally, I’d like to mention the 100% money back guarantee, I never looked out for it myself as I have every confidence in this product after watching the video.

N.B. I have since completed the Venus Factor and found I gained weight back again after completing, until I came across the simple yet effective resource – see below – that I’m using in conjuction with it now which is causing me to get compliments from my 16 year old daughter (unsolicited, I might add). Also, to go into fat loss and maintentance I recomend you also purchase the Venus Factor Final Phase – Get Started


Venus Factor Final Phase – Fat Loss And Maintenance
Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon, I would have lost weight faster and kept it off, if I had just gone straight to this powerful resource because it deals more with the mental resasoning. Get your copy by clicking the link HERE
Lose Fat in hard to lose places with Beta Switch

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24 thoughts on “Eliminate High Blood Pressure – My Weekly Journey”

  1. Healthier ChoicesOn the 14th of this month I took my last blood pressure pill. When I arrived for my doctor’s appointment, he checked my blood pressure and said even though it was normal he was reluctant to stop the medication suddenly. My reply was that I had started making healthier lifestyle changes, including eating fewer fats and calories. Also, I was relaxing more, I had so much going on and no real focus, that’s gone! 😀

    Well, he’s given me 3 to 4 weeks more to see how that’s working out for me. :)

    I really appreciate the shares, but do also leave your comments on what health changes you’ve made this month. Who knows what impact your story may have on another’s life and well being?

  2. Yesterday, Monday 2nd February started week 4.
    Lessons learnt in my bid to eliminate high blood pressure or some tools for a better health if you will.
    I learnt I have to be the right weight for my age, sex and height so I had to have a workable weight loss plan to get me there.
    As you may already know since I found the Venus Factor by John Barban it’s given me a far more effective strategy to eliminate High blood pressure and most other health issues with a sensible diet and weight loss plan – as opposed to living on medication for life!
    Things I’ve learnt in the last few weeks are:
    1. I’ve been eating more calories than my body needs, hence me not being able to shift the excess with exercise and I had always wondered about that, well no more!
    2. Those aches and pains I couldn’t explain as I was not ‘fat’, was excess fat in my vital organs as my body had no other way of dealing with the excesses!
    3. Losing weight and eating healthily is really simple when you know how.
    4. I really don’t have to deprive myself, only eat in moderation, exactly how the bile said it.

  3. Week 5: Ok, so I’m still reading this short pdf (obviously not daily as I’d be done by now!) However, I’m implementing the personalised daily calorie intake and so far so good. 😀
    My waist measurement
    I thought I would measure my waist today as this would be a better indication of fat/inch loss (as that’s my main target now) and it’s 33 inches and hips is 40″, which is disappointing as I believe I am potentially hourglass! :( I read some time ago in a health article, that to prevent risk of heart disease a female waist measurement should be 31″. I have read another article which advocated a female waist measurement of not over 32″. Personally, I don’t see why I should have a waist measurement in the 30’s anyway and will keep you updated weekly of my bid to get under a 30″ waist!

    There is a section in the Venus Factor 12 Week book which helps you reach the right waist measurement for you. So by next week I should have more updates.

    However, would like to add that this is the second week of the second month of the new year and whilst some may have long given up their health and weight loss goals I haven’t and what’s helping is these weekly accountability posts. Also, I have an online community at the Venus Factor I have committed to introduce myself to also this week! 😀

    Thank you for reading and staying with me! 😀

  4. I’ve been ill with flu like symtoms and feel really bad not updating all those who have been looking forward to an update. Good news is, I saw my doctor today and he took one look at me and said I’ve lost weight – yay! 😀

    Also, I discovered quite by accident last week that I’m a bra size smaller than I’ve been wearing – more confirmation of weight loss? I was measuring my 13 year old daughter for her correct size and she asked me to be certain I’m wearing the right size.

    I was just reading the chapter on personalising weight loss following my weight, hip and shoulder measurements before I fell ill. So, will update you next week, hoping I feel better as I’m not up for reading right now!

  5. lightbulb-I-get-itI have a confession to make.

    Since my ‘All Clear’ I’ve slowed down my efforts to reeducate myself towards a healthy lifestyle for life, mainly because life was getting in the way and I took my health for granted – not anymore.

    However, I just had a light bulb moment yesterday. I realised:
    I have to cultivate new good eating habits. I Have to delay gratification and work on building self control and changing the way I think about food and develop a healthy pattern and relationship with food. Basically, work on unlearning bad habits! :(

  6. Week 10 – It’s become clearly obvious I can’t count as this is week 10 and I have been labeling posts week 4 for weeks! 😉

    Well, this is a quick update, after ‘falling’ of the weight loss wagon, see last week’s post, I’ve been very good! 😀

    I now constantly eat within my daily calorie allowance which according to the measurements used within the Venus System is 1400 a day (a far cry from 2000 cal daily); and most importantly, I discovered never to add calories burnt through exercise as I can’t really quantify them. Any calories lost through exercise I’m encouraged to count as a bonus and I exercise up to an hour a week up to 6 days usually.

    I look forward to next week’s update and that will be week 11 (unfortunately, if I tried to update the previous links with the right week number, it may not work anymore, so I’ll leave it as it is, I hope you understand?)

  7. Week 9 – I still got my weeks mixed up inspite of last week’s post and week 9 - VI week 9 - VI 2 week 9 - VI 3can only apologise. This is week 9 (I purchased the Venus Factor System for women on the 12th January, the day of my first post, see above).

    What I discovered was I was also getting my daily calorie intake mixed up also, so weight loss started to taper and my lower belly started to bulge – not flattering! :(

    So, I went back over the system and discovered my VI measurements was wrong, Problem solved! See pics and hopefully, you’ll see the difference with next week’s pics! 😀

  8. Week 10 Weight Loss Update – Venus-Factor-Virtual-Nutritionist-screenshotI have been doing this wrong for many weeks as I had failed to follow the Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist, which I should be doing weekly to help me access accurate calorie consumption. However, better late than never and it’s been an eye opener, I’ve never known an effective yet simple approach to losing weight and improving my metabolism!

    I’m learning, the idea behind the Venus Factor is to be lean, firm, and toned (my greatest needs for my tummy, waist, thighs and bottom). Weight loss by itself isn’t a strong enough goal; you need a shape goal. Pic 1

    Pic 2

    Pic 3

  9. weight lossImprove weight loss on my pageWeek 11 – I started the Venus Factor Final Phase on the first day of week 10, where I’m learning how to zero in even further on how foods affect my body and which ones I should probably limit and eye opening stuff! :)

    Just by counting calories and reeducating myself, I’ve lost an inch in my chest and hips and 2 inches off my waist! The system focuses on my body measurements to help taylor the waist lost to me and not the scales (goodbye scales!) 😀

  10. IMAG0409 WEEK 12 – Is finally here. I have reprogrammed my thinking in a way I could never have imagined and will never be ignorant about my diet again! 😀

    I don’t feel deprived at all and I can tell this is so different from any other weight loss program as I know I will never be overweight again in my life because this system is all about arming myself with the right knowledge to prevent that happening. 😀 I used to hate counting calories and thought it was an unnecessary waste of time, not anymore!

    I’m not at my goal yet, but I’m on my way, looking visibly smaller and more toned! From next week, I’ll be starting again from week one until I get to goal weight, anyone care to join me? 😀

  11. IMAG0422Finally completed week 12 on Thursday last week and as I’m not at my goal have gone back to the beginning. Now at week 1, which I started on Sunday 20th April, I am now adding the workouts which I’m finding easy enough.

    I delayed in providing an update as I had a migraine which carried on for days since Monday 13th. When I went to my local surgery to have it investigated, it turned out that my blood pressure was higher than ever before! The doctor I saw said I would need to start the blood pressure medication again and be on it for life! :(

    I was not happy, but am back on the medication until I can get my blood pressure down with diet and exercise, so I won’t be giving up. :)

  12. I have completed Week of the Venus Factor, second time around, now adding the exercise routine and it’s so much easier than I imagined combining the two.

    I have been making positive changes to my eating and following my daily calorific allowance much more closely by writing down as soon as I eaten anything. This one act has helped me so much as before I’d list everything at the end of the day. I can keep tabs of my calorie intake throughout the day and not find by the end of it that I had gone well over! :(

    Homemade snacks

    Another change is I’ve started baking again and eating wholesome home baked foods as opposed to relying on the store bought healthy snacks is sheer delight – delicious!

    P.S. I restricted the salt and used dark brown sugar for the cake (Where my usual machine bought FlapJack treat was 433 cals (almost half my daily calorie intake, my homemade version is about 214 calories).

    P.P.S. Because I know how many  calories are required How to reduce high blood pressure blog postI will be watching my consumption of these and not go over my daily allowance! 😀

  13. Week 3 – Well, I joined the Venus Factor Community and have already started to interact with the other women which is great for support, see my link here: http://clients.venusindex.com/p/anchoredassurance; and have been following the exercises for 2 weeks now and that’s been very refreshing.Venus_WorkoutsI’m also toning up and my waist, which is my best weight loss indicator is shrinking. 😀

  14. Home Exercise

    Week 4 I have been doing a lot of walking on days when I’m not doing the Venus Factor and I feel great after every workout! I look better than I have done in a long while, my tummy is firming up and showing some clear definition! :)

    Well, it’s a month tomorrow since I’ve been on the blood pressure pills and I’m telling the doctor when I see him, that I’d like to come off as I’m getting more aches an pains than before I went on. More especially, it appears to have blurred my vision somewhat. :(

    So obviously I did some research and I’m going deeper into alternative remedies… read more…

  15. IMAG0660 IMAG0623Week 5 – I’ve been doing the workouts regularly a minimum of 4 times a week in addition to walking a lot. After overindulging at a family wedding at the weekend by a massive 1,332 in calories on the day, I’m back on track and have been restricting myself to my 1000 calories. However, just checking the calorie counter in the Virtual Nutritionist I’ve been recommended to average out at 1200 calories a week using my current measurements.

    N.B. For more photographs relating to the wedding see my google profile of May 18th here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+EruvwuObuaya/posts

  16. Weekend - Church fun dayWeek – 6. Like the way my arms look here (photo was taken at the weekend 24th May 2015). Sometimes you don’t see the progress you’re making weight loss wise until you see a photo like this! I’m half way through the 12 week program and look forward to getting to goal which is 10st 3lbs, so will hopefully get you some measurements soon!

    If you’re battling with sugar cravings read this post here

  17. Week 7 – Half way through this week and here I am before my first workout and I’m looking noticeably smaller, aren’t I?

    The workouts are great as they feel tailor made for me following the nutrition calculator. They help me target problem areas and give me a full body workout at the same time.:D

    Now some measurements as promised:

    Shoulders (tape around arms, not under arms) =43 1/2 inches

    Waist = 31 inches

    Hips = 41 inches

    I’m getting there as I haven’t had these measurements in years! 😀

    I know this photo of me is fuzzy, but weight loss is clearly evident! 😀

    Blood pressure post

  18. Weeks 7 and 8 – I’ve come to the end of week 8 today and I’ve been exercising and been more conscious of my calorie intake which has been perfect for steady weight loss and body toning.  With this system it’s clearly obvious to me why I was stuck at 12 stone for so long. Anyone can do this and if healthy living and weight loss is your desire, you’ve come to the right place that incorporates the right exercises and nutrition facts that will help you get healthy and live healthy with targeted weight loss. Just sign up for the venus factor here and join our online community when you do here

    Here I am getting a free massage at the end of week 7 at the yearly Mitcham CarnivalMitcham carnival.

    Uche and IAnd, here I am after 3 days of birthday celebrations, mine and my 10 year old’s (18th and 20th June, respectively). I really don’t know how much I weigh now as I haven’t weighed myself, but this outfit a year ago was much tighter and now I have room to move freely! 😀

  19. Week 11 – How time flies! Just measured myself on Friday and my shoulder was 44 1/2, waist 29 1/2 and Hips 41 1/2 😀 <3

    I must update you on weeks 9 and 10 first. I went into H & M's to get a white blouse and thought was too small - EU 38. I returned to the shop following payment as I had a suspicion the hanger and outfit where not the same size (the hanger showed UK size 12). My 10 year old insisted it was my size and that I try it on. I was in shock as it buttoned up over my outfit and was slightly roomy (I really don't like to use changing rooms). Unfortunately, in week 10, I was unwell and didn't doWeek 9 end VF the VF exercises. However, it’s the second day into week 11 and I’m about to get my VF workout! 😉

  20. Week 12 – Finally concluded and it’s been a learning experience and lifelong change. Joining the online forum is inspiring and the support is great! Now on to the the final phase! 😀

    Good news, the nurse checked my blood pressure and it’s still down, so that’s marvelous!!! 😀

    Also, I just started using the coconut oil supplements as laid out in the book and it really is working – fantastic!

    Venus Factor Final PhaseThank you for joining me on my journey. Get started on yours also with the Venus Factor for women (click on the image to get started)

  21. I must confess I have yo yo’d since completing the Venus factor, but I get back into shape quickly using the tools I’ve learnt.

    What I since discovered was my blood pressure was not entirely a weight issue as my doctor recently told me I’m healthy. However, I was experiencing aches in my shoulder and right arm especially like a more severe form of pins and needles sensation and the occasional migraine. This is when I was told my blood pressure had crept up again and should reconsider going back on Amlodipine 5mg. However, I refused as I didn’t want to be on it for life as one doctor had stated.

    So, with renewed determination I went about looking for ways to fix my blood pressure naturally from the inside and this is what I found, see link here


    Great news is, my blood pressure reading today is down from 152/102 on the 3rd of this month to 141/85 today and it’s largely due to these exercises. Did you know low carb diets are bad for your cholesterol? Avoidance diet isn’t the answer and you can have drug free prescription to health, watch this video to here facts and figures Click Here!

  22. Blood Pressure Reading

    Update so far. I was put back on the amlodipine 5mg medication in January 2016 as my blood pressure was 149/101 and the doctor was unhappy with that. I wasn’t happy, but understood something had to be done immediately to bring it down.

    So, I started taking it having agreed with the doctor that it will be reviewed in 3 months. A short time later, a matter of 2 weeks really, I went back to the doctor as I had been experiencing pain in my stomach, tightening in my chest and pain in my shoulders.

    The doctor then suggested I’d be taken off and monitored fortnightly. At my appointment yesterday the doctor checked my blood pressure and told me the reading. I wanted to shout for joy in the surgery, so with a huge grin I exclaimed, “Yes, thank you Jesus!” Looking up in gratitude. I asked him to write it down as I had to have proof (that’s the piece of paper to the right) I weighed 82.5 kg on the 10th February 2016 and yesterday my weight was 80 kg.

  23. Read about my weight loss update and how since my last entry I’ve been off high blood pressure pills here
    March 5th 2017
    This photograph was taken 5th March 2017.

  24. Hello All, I went for my blood test today re: iron levels, as I’ve finished my first course last week, but felt so weak yesterday.

    Woke up yesterday with lower backache so couldn’t face VF or HIIT exercises.

    Doctor checks my blood pressure and is impressed as it’s the best reading he’s ever got on me. It’s great to now say I used to suffer from HBP – high blood pressure.

    I go on the weighing scale in his office as I’ve mislaid my measuring tape the last 2 weeks, so don’t know my measurements. The great news is it showed 10st 9lbs just 3 lbs off my ideal weight!

    Then odd thing happens, the nurse takes my blood and I pop on her scales and it says I’m 11st 11lbs (I can’t have that much water retention, can I?)

    Then, I complete forms for change of surgery (as mine is closing down) and my weight is required. I step on the scale’s and it read 11st 3lbs. I’m naturally confused as this all happened in a matter of minutes at the surgery and all the the scales are the same make / model. They pop me on the 4th scale and unbelievably I’m 11st 7lbs!

    We all agree the doctor’s scale was the one to go with. He saw me at the start of my weight loss and commented today on how much weight I’ve lost. It just goes to show it’s clothes fitting, how you feel and regular comments about how slim/fit you look that should be your guide, not the sometimes ‘dodgy’ scale.

    P. S. Period’s due and came on my return from the doctor’s, which explains how I’ve been feeling.
    Photos all taken Yesterday.  Click here to Improve Weight Loss

    20170718_162213 20170718_16230220170718_091953

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