Fasting For Weight Loss


Fasting works. 😀

100% No questions about it.

Even without exercise, and not including water weight losses, you p2wealth-eatstopeat-qrcode-LARGEwill lose between 1/3rd and a 1/2 pound every time you fast for 24 hours.

So why doesn’t everyone fast? And why doesn’t fasting result in amazing weight loss for everyone who tries it?

The answer is simple…

No matter what type of fasting you try… you eventually have to eat.

And it will be eating that determines your long terms results from fasting.

In other words –  It is the mundane aspects of every day eating that determine your success.

Make no mistake, if you’re not losing the weight you think you should be losing, then you need to look at the the pattern of your daily eating.

It might just be water fluctuations hiding true weight loss, but it also  might be that something you are doing when you are NOT fasting is cancelling our the weight loss you achieved earlier.

When in doubt take a couple days and keep a food journal.

A week of recording what you eat can do wonders for finding habits that are silently sabotaging your success.

Remember if you do go on a food fast, drink lots of water and plant based herbal tea to avoid dyhydration and the risk of
developing a headache/migraine!

Learn more about fasting for weight loss

It’s advised to check with your doctor before you start.

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