Finding Your Purpose

I love the teaching by Dr Myles because I find truth all over it and anyone who is looking to find their purpose will love this as it’s so practical. See my notes below taken from the video…

Finding Your Purpose

The 2 Sides of SuccessSelf government is the reason why God created you and it’s the most important government on earth. The further you move away the most destruction you’ll face.

The breaking of personal law produces public chaos. We have individual problems that affect the community.

God placed Adam in the garden and gave him all the resources to manage and maximise resources, protect (safeguard what makes things function) and manage, the same still applies to us all today.

Principle assignment of mankind is to have dominion over earth’s resources and to manage it. God wants the extension of heavens culture on earth, which is perfect order.

The difference between a bush and a garden is order.

Governing is about order – all things must be done decently and in order according to the will of God.

You were born with a gift that is meant to bring order to the earth – when you find it it brings order to resources – Genesis 2 – God withheld the rain because there was no one to till the ground. God doesn’t want things to just grow, he wants one who can manage the growth.

When you’re chaotic you repel resources.

When you organise your life you attract resources.

  1. Management is the primary goal of mankind,
  2. Whatever you fail to manage you’ll lose;
  3. God’s primary measure of trusting you with material is management,
  4. God will give to whoever effectively manages,
  5. Management attracts resources, and the big one is,
  6. God will not give you what you pray for, only what you can manage – Matthew 25:3 – it’s only when you’ve been faithful in the little things, that’s when you are give much more.
dr-myles-munroeAbout the late Dr Myles Munroe: Dr Myles, was a man of God on a mission to change nations and he was on one such mission when he and his beloved wife Ruth, along with others crashed in the plane they were on late 2014. He has gone to be with the Lord, but his mission still lives on - Find your purpose today!


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