Fruit that Helps Lower Blood Pressure

Watermelon juice with some pieces of watermelon
Watermelon juice with some pieces of watermelon

In a small study published recently in the Journal of Hypertension, a rare event happened where every single one of the participants normalized their blood pressure…

…Without drugs- using nothing but one common fruit.

What is more amazing is the fruit used and where it comes from. It’s so common in the summer it’s almost a crime not to eat it at picnics.

It is typical to have at least one or two participants in a study this size to not show the results the others do, so when all 9 participants Lower blood pressure naturally.jpg 2 showed the same result, researchers were happily amazed.
They took a group of men and women who had elevated blood pressure and gave them an extract from watermelon, called L-citrulline, in the amount of 6 grams every day for 6 weeks.

The extract has an effect called improved aortic hemodynamics, and all 9 participants showed evidence of this at the conclusion of the study, lowering their blood pressure to normal without making any other changes in lifestyle or diet.
Watermelon is an inexpensive summer fruit that is widely available all across the US at all seasons.

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