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money mismanagement-quote-by-richard-ebeling-281252Ignorance, specifically as it relates to money has cost all those affected by it greatly over the years, now it’s time to educate ourselves and take back what’s rightfully ours.

“Financial history provides us with invaluable wisdom about the nature of the capital markets and of returns on securities” William Bernstein M.D.

If we don’t learn from history we are indeed deserving of all the misfortune that comes with burying our heads in the sand as it were.

Love Nurture postAs a parent, I feel very strongly that it is my duty to gain the right financial education and insights so as to pass down a culture of wisdom, knowledge and application to my children. Read my story if you haven’t done so on FaceBook or if you don’t have an account on my Google page.

I am so excited to share this insightful book with you which will provide you with an in-depth understanding of global wealth and how this impacts your own wealth creation. If you want to be wealthy you need to acquire this education or any wealth you may acquire won’t last. So, to help everyone, I’ve brought the price down from $47 to $9 so that there’s no reason not to own a copy and benefit from its contents.

Learn how to secure lasting wealth when you buy my manual guide that will put you on the path of wealth. I also offer free coaching to all who purchase a copy. :)

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Benjamin Franklin once said: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
Disclaimer: The aim of this publication is to provide the reader with knowledge that once applied consistently will enable them to secure their financial future by making wise decisions enabling them to take control of their wealth by understanding the difference between currency and money.


The above compilation would have been a Godsend to me when I first made the decision to save and more so when I was struggling to save. So, it is highly recommended for those who are looking for a financial service to cover every need  – Buy It Here

Notwithstanding I realise that a certain level of financial difficulty would make that a challenge, however this one offers a free saving account.  When you click the link you have a choice of creating a passive income as an affiliate (I’ll show you how, don’t worry) or customer where you just want to get into the saving habit by saving a little monthly or as often as you can. Either way, your wealth creation and financial freedom will start with the right financial education and completion of registration today.

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