Health Benefits of Ganoderma

OrganoGoldBorneoPostNot only is Organo Gold a savvy business investment – people will buy it no matter the economy, hence recession proof, so it pays to invest in the coffee business. 😀

It’s is also great for health as reported by countless many people (too many to list here). However, see some testimonials below:

Organo Gold Testimonial

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Organo Gold Testimonial 5

Organo Gold Testimonial 4

Organo Gold Testimonial 3

Organo Gold Testimonial 2 - Copy

I had to add this one by Kevin Ward:
Ganoderma Benefits“OrGano Gold products are amazing! I have many testimonies but I will share my most recent. I have had problems with allergies all my life, and when pollen season comes on the Northeast coast, it can be horrendous. In the past, I could not have my car windows down, nor be outside for even short periods of time without itchy eyes, sneezing and runny nose; and sometimes I would lose my voice… But! This year, I had been using the Nutraceuticals and drinking the coffee and teas for a few months and I went outside last week and mowed my 1/3 of an acre lawn during the worst pollen count this year without a sniffle! No itchy red eyes, no hoarseness, no sneezing; nothing! I was truly amazed. I was outside for over 2 1/2 hours and did not have ANY allergy symptoms. The only change I have made from last year pollen season was using OG products. Thank you OrGano Gold!”

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