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Improve weight loss on my pageWhen I started Improve Weight Loss, it was to provide practical help for mums seeking to shift excess fat as this was my situation. Through the years I have had success in my own weight loss, however, maintenance has always seemed a bit of an issue until recently.

Now, I have found that what works for me  the Eat Stop Eat system as it is designed for women and the exercisesweight loss and eating plan is entirely different from other ones I’ve tried and something I can easily fit into my life on a consistent basis.

Please feel free to search on posts on weight loss and health throughout this website, post your comments, especially what’s working for you (no marketing please!); and do come back for regular updates! 😀

An aside: when I set up Improve Weight Loss in November 2009 I chose to use my middle name and my husband's first name Joyce Austin as a different entity from my other social media accounts, focusing mainly on weight loss and healthy living.


Me June 25.6.17I recently turned 50 and I’ve never looked and felt better as a wife and mum and I did it with the help and support of a special community of women like me: Get Support Here
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Find other resources throughout the website for healthy living and weight loss by typing into the search engine  on this website or ‘Healthy & Fitness’ tab. Alternatively, visit my Improve Weight Loss Community page 

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