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Eat Stop Eat - 2

With the ever increasing popularity of fasting for weight loss, fitness professional Brad Pilon thinks it’s time we cleared up a couple loose ends…

Like the difference between short-term and long-term fasting.

And the differences between intermittent fasting, intermittent feeding and intermittent dieting.

They are all different, and it’s important to understand these Eat Stop Eatdifferences in order to choose which is right for you.

He explains it fully in his book Eat Stop Eat

See below for his claims and the benefits:

“Give Me 24 Hours and I’ll Give You…”

  • An Increase In Your #1 Fat Burning Hormone By 700%
  • Control of Your “Hunger Hormone” and an End to Cravings
  • A Decrease In Your Stress Hormone So You Burn More Belly Fat
  • Increase in Your Brain Function For Better Memory and Concentration
  • And a Boost In Your Metabolism & Energy
  • Reduced Risk of Diabetes & an Easing of Symptoms
  • Increased Testosterone If You’re a Man
  • Increased Insulin Sensitivity So You Can Eat More & Stay Slim
  • Faster Weight Loss
  • Decreased Inflammation So Your Joints Heal & Feel Better
  • Rapid Cleansing & Renewal of Your Body At a Cellular Level
  • And much more…

Sound like the permanent weight loss solution you’ve been looking for? Then pick up your copy of Eat Stop Eat


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