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Regularly checking your blood pressure may not be enough to find and prevent problems brought on by high blood pressure, say researchers out of Japan recently. Strangely, getting the timing wrong could be deadly, the study shows.

Recently, scientists at Jichi Medical University in Japan discovered that missing a critical blood pressure reading may spell trouble, and it all has to do with the timing of the readings.
Many people who are managing their blood pressure, or trying to get their higher readings down, know that it’s important to check it regularly.

Scientists have said for years that the best time to check is in the morning because the resting readings are the most accurate.
But that’s not the only reason, according to the scientists from Jichi Medical University in Japan.

In their study, they found that for the population of participants whose blood pressure tended to be higher in the morning than at other times of day, NOT finding the high blood pressure problem for this group proved to be deadly.

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Those people were at a dramatically higher risk of stroke and heart attack than their counterparts whose blood pressure was high all day.

There wasn’t a difference in risk factor for those whose blood pressure was higher in the evenings. It is the morning spike that was the stand-out factor.

Checking blood pressure at the same time every day is best, and especially if you can do it morning, noon, and before bed. Then, once you have consistent readings and a solid management plan, go to morning-only readings.

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