Mineral Rich

Nutrient-rich, rapid absorption nourishment in a great-tasting liquid formula Contains optimum levels of naturally occurring elements Delivers a broad spectrum of support for the bones, muscles, skin and more Maximum Living’s MineralRich contains the proper proportions of naturally occurring elements like calcium for your muscles, boron for your bones, and silica for your skin–all in a great-tasting liquid that ensures rapid absorption.

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Mineral Rich Testimonials

“I don’t usually trust products online or at all, but this is really good. Delivered fast and the product is making my hair grow like I haven’t seen before” – Rochelle. :)

“Well what can I say if it wasn’t for a lady called honesty love on you tube I would of never known about this product. It was well needed having 3 young children it helps give energy. Who ever needs energy needs to buy this believe me it works, IM HAPPY” – Dionne.

“Absolutely wonderful product, it grows your hair and nails, and gives you more energy than you know what to do with it! Will definitely buy it again” – Janice Williams.

“Been taking this for a few days…The taste is amazing!! I hope the product is just as good. One thing I am happy about is that it gives me an appetite to eat as I struggle with poor appetite” – Genevieve Barnes.

“Amazing product, it cleared up my skin and my hair grew in like two weeks I noticed new growth will buy again but only when it’s on sale because this price is way too much for me haha” – Nancy Hamz.

“Really good product if you do not wish to take hair growth aid pills and are growing hair. I have 4c hair it is really good for general well being. I make a big bottle to take with my pills daily so I don’t forget” – Kidvis.

“Bought this product to help with hair growth and it has done just that. I can’t say that I’ve had overnight growth per se- however I have seen a difference. My skin is also smoother as a result. I am going to continue taking it to see if the length and health of my hair improves but so far, so good. I would recommend it- how rapidly it works for you I can’t determine” – R. AmA.

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