In Pursuit of Happiness

Today I read a post about how someone who seemingly has it all found out that he was not happy as he had a void his success could not fill. He proceeded to say that he has recently found what constitutes happiness and would like to share it in a webinar anyone can attend upon registration.

A quick Google search today brought up  844,000 searches of the phrase in 42 seconds! A lot of people it seems appear to be in pursuit of happiness. 

So, what is happiness and why is it so important?


A definition of happiness

When I got engaged, married and had my children I was happy, but I can tell you it didn’t last, not that I have a bad marriage or troublesome children. The reason being happiness I have discovered is a state of mind and the feeling is reliant on your current state of mind.

Happiness affects us all at one point of another and some possibly enjoy feelings of happiness more often than others. It’s the feeling when you get something you want or an occasion arises that causes you to be happy in that moment. However, this is always fleeting and doesn’t last and at which point people can feel unhappy again.

What Can Be Done?

You can keep chasing after happiness which I understand can be exhausting or go for something else that is more lasting and not dependent on events or a state of mind.

What is that? I almost hear you wonder.


Well, this is found in the term joy. Joy is not an emotional state of mind, it’s lasting and it surpasses feelings and is not reliant on circumstances. Joy is a state of the heart, so not attached to emotions.

Joy, as a state of the heart, can only be found in God, see 1 Peter 1:8-9 and Romans 15:13. Everyone has a void that only He can fill that’s why happiness is fleeting, but when God has filled your void He fills you with joy. However, some people may choose not to have joy and this is a result of the choice you make.

Now having joy does not mean you have no sadness, it means the sadness passes and your joy returns as it says in Psalm 30:5.

It’s important to note that whilst joy and happiness have been interchanged, always remember happiness doesn’t last, but joy does.

So, if you are in pursuit of happiness it’s important that you realise it is temporary and dependent on situations and circumstances. Instead seek to have joy that is constant and surpasses emotions and feelings and comes from knowing God intimately.

I hope you find joy.



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