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Vaction Sooner
Just completed Training In Rome

As you may have heard in the video (placed at the weekend on Snapchat), we actually get paid to travel the world! So, it makes sense to join our exclusive VIP travel club if you really love travel and adventure, wouldn’t you agree? Just send me a private message below so we can see if you qualify. :)

We are changing the world of travel with our strong emphasis on personal development and financial freedom with many success stories emerging regular worldwide. Our leadership is ethical and strong and has a heart to serve as seen in our Foundation Program

For four years running in a row we have won the World Travel Awards known as the Oscars of travel.

Vacation Sooner Benefits

When you join our travel club you get:-

  • Exclusive Price only available to our private members;Vaction Sooner leaflet
  • VIP Experience with hosted travel and many extras;
  • Enjoy vacation rewards dependent on your membership level;
  • Earn Vacations up to 200 points per person which you will use to travel to more places;
  • Access our concierge services and shopping mall;
  • Our travel app available for members to download;
  • Net rates;
  • Our exclusive rateshrinker – we won’t be beaten on price;
  • Rewards…
From the start, our travel community was built on Three Pillars:

1. Build the world’s best vacation and entertainment club – Enriching lives through exceptional and affordable daily, local, global experiences.
2. Build a family of world-class direct sales people – To give our independent direct sales representatives the opportunity to grow their own businesses and market our great product personally.
3. Leave the world a better place – Committed to community, volunteer service and good corporate citizenship.

Bootcamp ID TagThis is obviously my review of vacation sooner based on mine and other members I know personal experience; and I can truly say you will never find anything else like it!

I’ve come to meet some remarkable people who are passionate about transforming their lives and those of their loved ones. Who wouldn’t want to be associated with that? :)

If you are passionate about transforming your life and those around you and want to leave an inheritance to your children’s children, there’s nothing better than this. Contact me today (place a private message in the comment box below with your name and number with area code) to learn how you can get started. 😀

I have posted photos all over social media of the weekend event, so you can find them on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Snapchat and Google Plus. However, I do intend to upload a gallery here also shortly, so do come back to see. :)
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