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Love Nurture
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I started Love Nurture (launched in October 2003 to coincide with my 10th wedding anniversary) to help build stronger marriages spiritually, emotionally and financially and Ephesians 5 is the foundation scripture.  God wants your and my marriage to reflect his kingdom. However, soon found out that a lot of marriages were under financial pressure; and this pressure was affecting all the areas listed above.

I set out on a quest to help couples and parents create a residual income which would enable them leave an inheritance to their children’s children. You will find these resources under the Love Nurture Investments page and my blog posts related to making money on this site, Business Leads Tools and Love Nurture Investments

I take this role very seriously as a wife and parent myself, I know first hand what financial stress can do to a marriage relationship. So, with this in mind I have embarked on years of personal development and training to help me best help other couples and parents create of life of time and money freedom. If you would like one on one help, do not hesitate to contact me privately here or on one of the social media sites listed below:

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Love Nurture


For those unaware I am also an author of a few books and one novel titled Anchored Assurance, hover above on the Novel tab above to access.

If you are serious about improving yours and your family’s future financially, click for: Global Wealth Creation

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