Join My 90 Day Income Challenge

Although I have since left the company I was with when I did the challenge the principles remain the same. Signup below. :)

Why 90 days?
“Because focus is always good for achieving goals” (It just came out – light bulb!) :)

Once you’ve mastered this you’ll consistently hit your target and teach others to do the same.

Write out your clear intentions using present tense and all your senses. :)

Start your 90 Days Goal Achieving Challenge today by doing the following:

  1. Write goal card out every day starting with I am so happy and grateful now that….
  2. Create a morning ritual where every day you start by writing this goal out and you then expand to a full page adding colour, depth, detail, like a movie script where you are the star of the movie!
  3. Visualise this movie every night as you go to bed to add emotion to your goal where you can actually see yourself living this goal.
  4. Take 5 daily consistent actions that will move you closer to your goal.
  5. Stay connected with the EMP community
  6. Schedule the following in your calendar (When you join our community). Monday Mojo (google plus EMP community) Daily medium_daily-dose-of-awesome-1448030557Dose of awesome 15 minutes of motivation inspiration education calls. (access through your back office under recommended training) and schedule the Wednesday begin to win orientation webinar into your calendar also


Read my blogpost: 30 Day Business Challenge: Follow My Progress
Podcasts – Success Is A Journey by Eruvwu Obuaya
Daily Dose of Awesome – 5 Steps to Manifesting Powerful Goals by Fernando Loaiza

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3 thoughts on “Join My 90 Day Income Challenge”

  1. Great site. Lovely articles and business opportunities too. Well done, Ma’am.

    You may also want to take a peep at Helping Hands International here…

    (Link removed)

  2. Thanks Prince for your kind comment. However, the aim here is to provide value in the hope that people will take the information and run with it!

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