The 4 Steps To Success – Organo Gold EVP Holton Buggs

Do you or anyone you know drink coffee at least occasionally?
How do you drink it, with  cream or sugar?
Whose your favourite coffee provider?
So, when was the last time you were paid by them every time you sent a referral their way?


Your Organo Gold 4 Steps To Success

  • Become a product of the product. Purchase the product for yourself first then market to others who want to purchase as customers or are looking for a business
  • Build a list of coffee drinkers – do you know people who are looking to start a business, love coffee? etc.
  • Barista bash – Host a coffee and jazz mixer. Set up a coffee party and invite people who want to do the same or just want to be customers.
  • Plug into the system and learn how to market your coffee business.

It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s coffee!

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