Love Nurture Function

Love Nurture FunctionIt’s for married couples and a fantastic way to build your marriage relationship! (We welcome engaged couples also).

Come join with other couples and sign up for your personal invitation and details of future Love Nurture Functions here ( enter your details privately in the comments).

Last Love Nurture Function (see gallery)was on the 14th February 2016 and it was wonderful atmosphere, great company, food and fun entertainment . :)

Return to find out when the next Love Nurture Function will hold.

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4 thoughts on “Love Nurture Function”

  1. +ive
    1) Good atmosphere,
    2) Fun
    3) Had a laugh
    4) Learnt about putting money away

    1) Paid similar amount for a function with a 3 course meal in an hotel.
    2) Low turnout
    3) Personal invitation .

  2. Very relaxed atmosphere as always which gave a chance for couples to be open and honest in sharing helpful experience’s.
    Also Good laughs and jokes

    The tables were nicely laid out to suit the theme of the day .

    Nice to see that there was no interruptions from the children who were in a close by hall as I was initially nervous about the child care plans in general.

    Overall, the LNF went well . However, it would have been nice to have seen more couples as the turn out was very low.

    Also, it might be nice to spice up the activities with games around how well couples know each other in addition to the open questions we pick from the basket . The questions from the basket are nice and cause laughter but tend to allow for prolonged drifting.

    The food was tasty and better presented but could have done with a second course.

    Welldone Mrs Obuaya and we trust you will continue to get better and better with LNF

    1. Thank you Rita for your encouraging comment, it was a pleasure to have you both. I agree with the course numbers. As for the couples, I had invited several and many chose not to honour the invitation.

      I sent a link to all confirmed couples a week before the function with the, ‘How Well you Know Your Spouse’ quiz inside the Love Nurture Magazine, perhaps you remember? Only one husband got back to me and gave very positive feedback after his purchase. I am definitely open to games where the time allows as questions and answers does tend to take up lots of time and we always seem to have fun with it as we learn! :)

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