Anchored Assurance is a novel by Eruvwu Obuaya (available now as pdf download)


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Things were dead calm…until the storm came. Who do you have surrounding you in troubled times? Is your faith strong enough to withstand when testing times come? They were friends from different socio-cultural backgrounds and shared a home. Biola was the lawyer, Chinyere the secretary, and Ejiro the national lawn tennis champion. If they were sisters they couldn’t have been closer, but things were soon to change—a series of events that would change everything was about to unfold. First, the letter came, and then the disappearance and finally the tragedy. How would they make it through the testing times, and how deep was their trust in God?


Anchored AssuranceNotwithstanding, she does it anyway. Now, she is faced with a new dilemma, she needs housemates because the house she is renting is too big for her and she desperately needs to share the place.

Over the next few weeks, she finds two, a secretary and the younger sister of an old friend, who is a regional tennis champion. Biola is pleased to find they all get on reasonably well, despite some initial clashes of temperament between her housemates. Consequently, they have a few amusing spats with Biola usually ending up as referee or mother hen.

Inspite of this minor hiccup things are taking shape at work and all Biola wants to do right now is to build a successful chamber practice and generally enjoy a quiet life, just attending church and spending time with her friends.

However things are beginning to stir to interrupt her enjoyment… and she finds out she has some unwanted attention which her friends are encouraging much to Biola’s upset.

Chinyere (Chin-ye-re), the secretary is vivacious and loves her job. She is getting on well with her housemates, although she has a no nonsense approach to the fiery temper of the latest addition.

A letter she receives forces her to tell a secret she has kept from them and when she shares it, they are supportive, but this is the least of her worries, there is someone else who must be told… then the kidnapping happens which brings everything to a head all the while testing their faith and friendship.

To call Ejiro (A-ji-ro), a tennis player is putting it mildly, she’s simply passionate about the sport, and has even put aside her education to concentrate on it. Her only other passion is the church.

Having no other burning desire, the love of her friends and family completes her contentment and the last thing she needs is male attention. She’s been training hard for the upcoming national tournament and having only narrowly escaped the advances of her tennis partner, is pressured by her coach who is desperate to secure sponsorship in an unscrupulous way, forcing her into a friendship that leads to a ghastly car accident that tests the faith of the house mates in a totally new way leading to a climax.

The question is, is their faith strong enough and can they help each other through the tragedy and grief? This thrilling novel is available to purchase


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