Top 10 Marriage Qualities – Book

Top 10 Marriage Qualities

The top 10 marriage qualities book is in answer to a survey of couples of the same title. Are you looking for the top 10 marriage qualities required for strengthening your relationship? Then look no further than this book.

“When my husband and I got married in September 1993 we had no idea what we were letting ourselves in for. However, we did have the good sense to listen to the advice of those who had gone before, in getting some pre-marital counselling.

Inspite of the counselling we were ill prepared in dealing with a lot of issues that surfaced in our marriage.

Every year seemed to bring new issues for us to overcome and not all related to the scenarios presented to us during our counselling sessions. We would quarrel and have heated discussions where we both felt we were right or that the other was just as guilty for the argument as we were! Also, being very strong willed I would refuse to apologise even to keep the peace as I felt it was getting me nowhere. My husband on the hand would sulk for a week or two, which would infuriate me and or leave me feeling extremely miserable.

Fortunately, we were committed to each other and our marriage vows and having a healthy fear of God helped us build our marriage and got us on the right track which was not only staying married but staying happily married!

Looking back, having a book to read like, ‘The Top 10 Married Qualities’ would have helped us to avoid many a heartache. Many times I wanted a divorce and told him so, but as I said, by God’s grace we remained true to our vows and having the right information helped us cope better than we could have without it.”

If you are married or considering marriage, you need to read the book without delay to save yourself any heartache and or to move you on to the road of restoration. The answers to, ‘The top 10 Marriage Qualities’ survey have been thoroughly broken down in this new book and other resources have been included to help you get all the help you need!

The ball is now in your court. Ask yourself, ‘Do I want my mate and I to be a power couple or a dysfunctional one on a downward spiral of divorce or miserable married life? The answer you’ll find is in the book. Buy it here: Top 10 Marriage Qualities


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