Pay Off Your Mortgage In 5…

house-1407562_640If you are a parent who wants to leave wealth and houses to your children (learn why here Proverbs 13:22 and Proverbs 19:14) Please read on…

We know that owning property is a sound investment, but as one who owns at least one at the time of writing let me break this down:

      • Are you paying off the capital and interest?
      • Are you paying off the interest only?
      • What happens when you hit pension age and you still have the mortgage?
      • How much equity is in your property?
      • Will the equity be enough to pay off the debt and provide an inheritance to your descendants?
      • Do you have a mortgage repayment plan?
      • What is your mortgage repayment plan?
      • How efficient is this repayment plan?
      • Is it protected from inflation?

The last question is vitally important as that plan becomes ‘no plan’ if the cost of inflation wipes it out or God forbid, the company holding your assets becomes insolvent! It has happened, don’t be ignorant of history especially in situations where it repeats itself.

money-256319_640What is my plan to help you pay off your mortgage in 5 years? Well, glad you asked because it shows this interests you.

We (yes, we will be doing it together) will first educate ourselves about the means we will be using to get out of debt because this mortgage is a debt, a good one, but one all the same. We will learn how to protect our money efficiently and get the most from our money.

Pay Off Your Mortgage In 5…

What would it be like if this system paid for your mortgage?

What would it be like if your mortgage got paid because of this one technique?

The desired outcome would be your mortgage is paid off sooner…

  • Send your child off to college fully paid for?
  • Time and money freedom?
  • More funds to support noble causes?
  • Purchase house for a child?
  • Dream holiday or cruise?
  • Brand new car paid for in full?

You don’t need a long 20 to 30 year mortgage. I want to show you how you can clear it in a fraction of the time so that you can then burn your mortgage document and own your home outright – truest definition of a homeowner in my honest opinion.

My God given purpose bannerWe hear knowledge is power, it really is, but if it is not applied how is that power? Instead, when you apply what you know you have power. As a wife of 25 years and mum of 4, if I was reading this 25 years ago, I would have grabbed it. If you read my story, you will know why. However, my ignorance took me on a journey that God has purposed to bless many homes and generations to come! Will you let me be a blessing to your family?

Now having explained this, this is what you should do to get started:-

  1. Get yourself a quick financial education and free online account to start saving your money securely here: Gold And Crypto Bank Membership  then,
  2. follow the link to increase your chances of success here: July 2019 Promise


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