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Register A Free Affiliate Account to Pay Yourself First

This post was originally posted on Facebook, to find all the image evidence of my purchases you will need to go there as they have failed to upload here. However, see below for the full post.

I’ve been informed a few times this business isn’t for me. well, let me explain a few things below:

First, this is not a business, it’s an online savings account just like one you would have in a high street bank, however you save in gold, not money. So, you exchange your money for gold.

Make Things Happen

Secondly, if you want to be in control of your money and make it work hard for you, how can this not be for you? History has shown gold will appreciate in value over time. whilst money is subject to inflation and falls in value.

For people who are wondering, “Is it safe, do I get what I paid for?” I have received my cashgold which I paid for and was delivered by FedEx. If you read about my family visit to the Bank of England this summer you will know the banks buy gold. So, now I do and you should too! Missed my post? Click to view photos and video of the trip here: Bank of England Tour

Register A Free Affiliate Account to Pay Yourself First

You Should Pay Yourself First

 The company called Karatbars do offer free storage, which is an option available to all its customers. This has been happening since 2011 when it started and is now reaching 120 Countries and counting. They are currently coming to the end of their world tour which commenced in June and I attended the live event in London last month. See me below with the lovely Nitsa Nakos who has become debt free due to her gold buying activities as an affiliate and travels the world teaching others how (I’ll soon be doing the same, so take advantage of my current availability).  We truly pay ourselves first.

Nisa and I - Karatbar Live cropped

Karatbars provides you with the purest form of gold which is mined specifically for them and LBMA accredited. The link provided in the post will provide more details as to its authenticity for you to read and watch for yourself and hopefully to register.

At the time of writing this post, the notes cost €4.02 per 0.1g so, for example, the 0.6g note costs €24.12 / £21 / $27 plus €0.85 production fee per note. This hopefully, answers the question: “Can I afford it?”

The plan and goal is for everyone to own gold (Just like the banks!) Everyone can buy as little or as much as they like whenever they like. As parents, is there really any excuse now not to own gold and invest in your children’s future?

Register A Free Affiliate Account to Pay Yourself First

Karatbar - Croydon

If you believe in owning insurance, surely this is the most effective kind and you will be in charge as upon registration you are encouraged to add your beneficiaries, which I have done. No fear of being trapped by insurers small print with this one.

You don’t require a subscription to own a free account and all your orders are tracked until delivered to you by FedEx to your door. What more could you ask?

This really is brilliant, don’t you think? Just follow the link now to get started, unless you have an excuse to not take control of your finances, go here: Karatcoin Bank


The banks and  savvy private individuals are saving in gold.  See my Bank of England tour 

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