Protect Your Finances

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Richard Mullholland recounts a story about an old lady whose failed romance taught him an important lesson about regret. Regret is a real problem we all will have to atone for. You actually have to try. It’s never going to get easier, cheaper or make more sense later.

If you want to live without regret you will have to take action and do it now.

A Denzel Washington quote says: “Never confuse movement with progress, because you can run in place and not get anywhere.”

I sincerely regret not having the wealth education I’m giving my children now before I had them or even got married. My life could have been so much more different than it has been.

I’m grateful to God for the knowledge I have now, but do regret knowledge and opportunities wasted and opportunities missed.

Living a life of regret is a terrible thing, but whilst you’re still living you can correct those things by taking the required action and no longer making excuses for inaction.

No one successful ever regrets failing, however, people do regret having never tried or plain giving up!

Gold barsI recently took my daughters to the Bank of England for an education in gold and a wealth creation lesson (my son, unfortunately, was away and couldn’t come). Yes, currency and money are great, but with rising cost of living and inflation, they are nothing if not backed by gold as we discovered. The Bank of England, Federal Reserve and Central Banks worldwide are storing gold to back their currency. Isn’t it about time you followed suit? If the banking systems of the world are doing it, don’t you think that you should be too!

See our recent Bank of England tour in photo and video here: Bank of England Tour  (Just reading the ‘Facts About Gold’ sheet they gave us is an EYE OPENER – for the discerning at least)!

Protect Your Finances

Harald SeizKaratbars is a recent concept in providing individuals with an opportunity to save in gold at affordable prices. A reputable company in Germany headed by a man called Harald Seiz who is founder, owner and a creator of Karatbars International GmbH.  Mr Seiz is a senator at the Federal Economic and Trade Promotion Association and a member of the Economic Council of Germany.

Now you have an opportunity like the banks to back your currency with gold, just by exchanging some of your cash for gold. This is how the banks and the wealthy protect their income. If you don’t protect your income 60 years from now, you or your children or grandchildren will be living in the regret of the opportunity YOU missed.

So, instead of excuses just register a free account whilst you do your due diligence, then decide to take the required action. Don’t be like the builder who analysed the plan too long and failed to build.

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Global Wealth Education - CoverYou really must read this informative book on all you need to know about wealth creation for the low cost price of £7. If you apply all the knowledge there it’ll change the way you think about saving and you never be broke again. A great legacy for your children and children’s children – Global Wealth Education

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