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Do You Have A System?

I recently learnt that the term system stands For Saving Yourself Time, Energy and Money.

Colonel Sanders of KFC, Henry Ford of Ford cars, Ray Kroc of MacDonald’s all had a system. Your initial goal should only be to become a student, it’s once you’ve committed yourself to learning, you can then become a teacher. :)


A System For Success


If you know what you know about Microsoft and Facebook today and if you could go back in time to invest in them, would you?

I’m launching a brand new business, which I am sharing with my friends and family first, however I’m including you as a potential business associate only if you are committed to success.

Do I have the credibility to have at least 30 minutes of your time? If yes, let’s agree a time and date for this meeting (leave your name and number confidentially below).

My goal is to help families, couples especially, to change their lives for the better; and personal development and residual income is a great way to do it!

Since joining the home business industry in October 2003, I’ve come to learn through various training and interactions with other home based business owners that relying on a job alone is unwise. A job will keep you just over broke (J.O.B acronym) whilst residual income is the vehicle for becoming debt free and financially independent; and financially independence in addition to a godly character is a great legacy to leave your children!

Contact me to get started meetings@listwire.com

I look forward to our meeting.