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Anchored Assurance – Mum On The Run

Press Release: Anchored Assurance (Written in late 2005 taken from my archives)

Eruvwu (full name is Eruvwuoghene) Obuaya, is indeed a busy woman, as the founder of Love Nurture, she is regularly organising its functions or editing articles for the magazine. In addition to this, Eruvwu is an employee, wife and mother. Now, Eruvwu is adding author to her list of achievements, her debut novel Anchored Assurance was published in October of 2005.

Anchored Assurance - Mum On The Run

How does it feel to be a published author?
It is a wonderful sense of accomplishment and courage and I am quite pleased.

Your novel was launched on the 5th November 2005 what was that like?
Awesome! It was fantastic and such a great pleasure and a wonderful opportunity.

In what way was it a wonderful opportunity?
I was able to meet some of my niche market face to face, have a reading and sign copies of the book; it was all so new and exciting!

Why did you decide to write?
It was as a result of a conversation I had with friends years ago about the lack of good Christian novels so I decided right then that I would write a novel; mainly, I believe it is a gift from God!

How long did it take?
Not long. The story line was completed within months. It’s the editing, proofreading, finding an agent and publisher that are quite time consuming.

You’re a wife and mum of four, how do you manage to write as well as care for your family?
By doing a little at a time, a lot of support from my family, discipline and determination on my part. Like any other mum, I made the time. I took it a day at a time sometimes just doing what I could in the moment. I’m in the spot light now, but mothers world wide are doing spectacular things that may never come into print.

Anchored Assurance - Mum On The Run Who is Anchored Assurance for?
Anyone who is going through difficult times and needs encouragement, this novel will provide encouragement and hope. Anchored Assurance tells how God is a very present help in times of need, just like a ship anchored in a storm, when we call on him in trouble, he’s right there, I know, I cry HELP so often and he never fails!

What is the story about?
It’s about having the love of support of friends and family when you go through difficult times as well as faith in God. The storyline centres mainly around three friends and the tests and trials they each go through and how the combination of their friendships, family and faith in God see them through.

Are the characters based on real life?
Huge grin. Not at all, but it is said there is a little bit of the writer in every story. Those who know me best might be able to confirm this. However, I wrote Anchored Assurance from observation and pure imagination.

Why did you decide to use Nigerian names?
I was in Nigeria at the time so it was natural or inevitable, just as natural or inevitable as other writers using names from their backgrounds. It is my hope that the use of Nigerian names does not take away from the storyline or the pleasure of reading. I do however, have a glossary of Nigerian names at the back of the book to aid the reader.

Will you be writing again?
Ooh yes! I am definitely going to write again. I have at least two more in me.

When is your next book coming out and is it a sequel to Anchored Assurance?
Possibly, a year on from now. I’m still working on it. However, I have been concentrating a lot of my effort on promoting and marketing Anchored Assurance so that I have not worked on it recently. It is not a sequel to Anchored Assurance; it is completely different, but just as inspired. And, not an African name in sight! (Well maybe, one!)

Who are your target audience?
Mostly, those who love a good fiction! I did target teenagers and young adults, because they are more likely to relate to the storyline; but my 11 year old son and 6 year old daughter loved it! (at the time) So I wait to see just who will be reading it.

Did you have your target audience in mind when you named your characters?
Yes, I did think of my readers when naming the characters and in employing the style I went for. I recall when I started reading Barbara Cartland novels, I wasn’t familiar with the old English names used, like ‘Selwyn’, ‘Marques’, ‘Rowena’, ‘Llewellyn’ etc. but that didn’t stop my enjoyment. As someone recently said to me, the fact that I used Nigerian names is generic and anyone, regardless of race can still relate to what the characters go through. So, I hope my readers agree.

Any final thoughts you wish to share?
Ooh yes! It all looks so glamorous, but it has been stressful, nerve racking and extremely hard work. Not many know of the times I was proof reading edits while admitted to hospital suffering from ‘post partem pre-eclampsia’ (high blood pressure following child birth) with my baby by my side. (A big thank you however to the midwives and medical team at St. Thomas’ who took good care of me, I believe God used them to save my life!) Also, not many know of my tears and fears or what my husband and other children endured. Nor, the running around with baby in the baby carrier for appointments, come rain, wind or shine. Or the struggle to change my tights in the ladies toilet at my local supermarket with baby screaming, while rushing off to yet another appointment. I also experienced a lot of disappointments, let downs and nearly being swindled, but I persevered. As I said, a lot of mums are heroes out there, so it is nothing new, Proverbs 31 lists the attributes of a virtuous woman and frankly that’s my goal!

Where can someone purchase their copy of your novel?
From the Publisher, Publish America or me. However,as the author, I am currently aiming to raise £30,000 for charity through the sale of the novel by Mother’s Day 2009. So, for every copy of Anchored Assurance sold a £1 goes to Release International and World Vision, two great charities, the latter provide food, shelter and clothing for children and communities worldwide, while the former defend persecuted Christians worldwide.

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