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Ideal Metabolism (For men and women)

hamburgerIf you’re ready to finally lose all the weight you want then you’ll love this story…

I used to follow the diet gurus like a lost sheep…

That all ended over a juicy hamburger in 2009 across from a fellow named Brad Pilon. He helped me dig out of a deep pit most chronic Continue reading Ideal Metabolism (For men and women)

From the Creator of Eat Stop Eat

It was in 2010 that Brad launched the idea of a style of weight training called ‘compound cluster cycles’ with the release of his workout ‘Anabolic Again’.

Since then he has tried over and over to:

A) Make Anabolic Again even better. And,
B) Make it so everyone could use it (The original program was only for advanced lifters). Continue reading From the Creator of Eat Stop Eat

Eliminate High Blood Pressure – My Weekly Journey

Well, I’ve ordered my copy of the Venus Factor System today and went for all the bonuses stopping at the ‘Venus Immersion’ upgrade. I chose to focus on the Venus Factor first then after 12 weeks determine if I need to upgrade for the individual help and advance coaching. The benefit of the Venus Immersion is the free 30 Day Trial as well as the obvious support and value added bonuses.

My Review of Venus Factor

However, I have started at the beginning reading the 185 pageEliminate High Blood Pressure – Week 4
Pp -18-20:  Seeks to explain the inherent physical differences in men and women, citing body composition between men and women as a major factor. I like the fact that this system helps you to keep in mind that the body fat percentage you want to achieve is specific to you. The goal is to achieve the body that makes you the happiest and proudest – Get Started

Pp 22- 27:  Talks about a natural chemical in our body called leptin which acts as a signal for hormone involved in the regulation and signaling of bone density; metabolic rate; fat mass; cognition and memory; inflammation; taste and sweetness perception; insulin sensitivity; andeven the pathogenesis of skin tags (Moran CN, et al. 2011; de Boer TN, et al. 2012; Horio N, et al.2010; El Safoury, et al. 2010) Get Started

P28 –  The fundamental law of energy balance and fat loss which does not change is that your body requires a certain amount of calories to function in a day and that you need to consume less than those calories in order to force your body to burn up some of its body fat – Get Started

The Venus System shows that all foods can have their place in a weight loss program. There are no good or bad, it’s worked out in a way that you eat within the specific calorie level for your specific needs. It’s about a unique way of counting calories for an individual to reach their specific goal. The premise is working on your belief system about good and bad food and finding a healthy balance for weight loss and maintenance – p31-32 .

That said it does go on to explain that everyone has what is called their ‘ Hot Button’ foods which you will need to minimise your exposure to, to avoid setting yourself up to fail (notice this theme over the last few weeks?) Order yours now so together we can get fit and combat high blood pressure or whatever physical malady you have this year and beyond here: The Venus Factor

Frankly, it’s a 12 week program once followed properly could get you in the best shape of your life by this time in March 2015 (or 12 weeks from the time you start!) Long after others have ditched their New Year’s resolution to lose weight, you’ll be revealing the best body and shape of your life. Aren’t you excited? I am, so come join me here: The Venus Factor

Eliminate High Blood Pressure – Week 4Oh, finally, I’d like to mention the 100% money back guarantee, I never looked out for it myself as I have every confidence in this product after watching the video.

N.B. I have since completed the Venus Factor and found I gained weight back again after completing, until I came across the simple yet effective resource – see below – that I’m using in conjuction with it now which is causing me to get compliments from my 16 year old daughter (unsolicited, I might add). Also, to go into fat loss and maintentance I recomend you also purchase the Venus Factor Final Phase – Get Started


Venus Factor Final Phase – Fat Loss And Maintenance
Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon, I would have lost weight faster and kept it off, if I had just gone straight to this powerful resource because it deals more with the mental resasoning. Get your copy by clicking the link HERE
Lose Fat in hard to lose places with Beta Switch