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Wealth Transfer

Afam and I (1)I started seriously saving in September of last year, but discovered a pattern that concerned me.  Every time I put money away I had to spend it on one family need or the other. Although it’s great to be able to meet immediate needs, it made no sense to me. Continue reading Wealth Transfer

Golden Jubilee Celebration

I just turned 50 years old on Sunday the 18th June 2017 and had a birthday thanksgiving celebration of my golden jubilee.

Read on to see why I’m so excited and why you should be too…

Golden Jubilee Celebration

As a  follower and believer in Jesus Christ my beliefs are tied in with the bible and Judaism only as far as it aligns with the word of God.

So, jubilee in Judaism means a year of emancipation and restoration, kept every 50 years – Leviticus 25: 10:

“And you shall consecrate the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants. It shall be a jubilee for you, when each of you shall return to his property and each of you shall return to his clan.”


However, I’ve discovered this doesn’t just automatically happen as can be seen in the lives of many people who have turned 50 with no change at all in their circumstances. I caught the revelation about a year ago and started prayerfully reflecting on  what turning 50 means to me and that when the revelations started happening.  Read about The 7 Promises of Jubilee 

If you go on to read all of Leviticus 25 you’ll find out God promises a restoration of all that was stolen from you and in Proverbs 6:31 the thief is to restore 7 fold; and the bible calls Satan a thief – John 10:10.  What’s is now left for you is to claim what’s yours and have faith that God will do all he promised –  Matthew 7: 7-11.

Please click on the link for photos and videos of my birthday celebration

I hope these promises work for you as I’ve found them working for me and when they do, please come back and comment, like and share this post. 😀


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