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Ideal Metabolism (For men and women)

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I used to follow the diet gurus like a lost sheep…

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Weight Loss Myths

You may or may not have been following me on my weight loss and healthier lifestyle journey, so I’d like to provide a quick update. Like most women, after I became a wife a mother I weight gain became an issue. After being diagnosed with high blood pressure, it became important that I take my health and weight loss seriously!

However, like most people who have been trying to get healthy and lose weight I had heard some myths about weight loss that I had taken to be fact until I came across John Barban’s Venus Factor System. The system has provided me with a practical and easy guide to healthy weight loss and more important a healthier lifestyle and access to some great articles (this is one)! 😀

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Here, I go on to list the myths below:

Weight Loss Myths
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Lose 2lbs A Week Myth

There is no scientific proof that 2lbs per week of weight loss is a safe or realistic goal that all adults humans can or should expect to achieve. This is a claim based on FTC advertising standards. You only hear this number because marketers aren’t allowed to say any more by law. If they could the number would likely be 10lbs per week. That doesn’t make it any more or less correct, because neither number is based on scientific evidence.

A 6’5 260lbs man can easily expect to lose up to even 4lbs per week, however a 5’1 woman is hardly in the same position. Instead of setting a weight loss goal based on poundage (ie: 1lbs, 2lbs, 3lbs per week) you should be looking at it as a percentage of your bodyweight.

A 6’0 tall man who weights 220lbs with a RMR of approximately 2000 cals/day could easily create a 1000 calorie deficit each day by cutting his calories to 1500/day and burning an additional 500 calories in a good hard workout (mix of weights and cardio).

1500 is still plenty of calories to feel relatively satisfied while still creating a fair sized deficit to facilitate a significant weekly weight loss.

Weight Loss Myths
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Also 2lbs of weight loss represents less than 1% of his total bodyweight.

Now change the person to a 5’1 woman with an RMR of 1250 calories. She would have to eat around 750 calories per day as well as burning off an additional 500 in the gym. This is starting to sound more like torture than a reasonable diet plan.

The fallacy is that 2lbs is a good target for all body sizes…it is not. Smaller people have smaller metabolisms and shouldn’t expect to lose as much total weight as a bigger person. It would be more realistic for her to shoot for 1lbs of weight loss which would only require a 500 calorie daily deficit…this could be achieved with a much more reasonably daily calorie intake around 1000 calories with a 250 calorie burn from a workout. Doesn’t that sound much more realistic?!

1200 Calories Minimum A Day Myth

I don’t know where this number comes from and I will be spending some time in the near future looking it up. However based on the RDI and RDA for nutrients the actual lower limit for calories (when you add up the individual recommendations for protein, carbs and fats) comes out to around 800 calories per day for women and 900 for men. So even according to the RDA you can easily eat well below 1200 and get your daily requirements of protein carbs and fats.

These two false assumptions are leading many people down a path of frustration and weight loss failure.

Setting realistic weight loss goals is the first step to success.

Letting go of your fear of eating less food is the second step.

Once you realize it’s ok to eat a bit less food then you will start to see things really change.

To help you achieve sensible weight loss and a healthier lifestyle, click here: Busting Weight Loss Myths

Eliminate High Blood Pressure – Week 2

Eliminate High Blood Pressure – Week 2It’s been a week since my last post and I have been adjusting to a healthier lifestyle.  What makes this even more poignant is my health is at risk and somehow it gives me more motivation to do what I already knew I should.

Or let me rephrase that, I didn’t really know as I wasn’t applying it, but now I see my waist and tummy responding positively and it’s encouraging.

I checked the scales a few days ago and I’ve gone down to 12 stone 7lbs a 7 pound loss from 13 stones! 😀

So, Eliminate High Blood Pressure – Week 2my BMI (Body Mass Index) is now 26.6. It’s still overweight, but I’m getting their quickly as I was always active. However, as I said in my post a week ago, my focus is on reducing fat in my diet, so just focusing on this makes it easy to continue and not give up or sabotage myself. :)

For those who would like to check their BMI please follow the link to the NHS (National Health Service) website for this here

I’m still enjoying my Ganoderma Lucidum rich coffee as caffeine is not good for high blood pressure. If you want a healthier coffee option click the link here: Organo Gold Coffee

Also, I still enjoy my occasional nutritional antioxidant drink which aids in fat burning and energizing amongst other things as part of a healhty diet. Get your antioxidant supply here: Antioxidant Supplement Juices

However, I do take my plant vitamins daily. You can get your trail order here:  Simply Naturals

See my progress from week one here: Eliminate High Blood Pressure – Week 1


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90 Day Weight Loss Challenge – Cardio

Just in case you are not aware my mother passed away on August 14th this year, she was only 67 years old. :(

Consequently neither my eating or weight loss were a priority for the last few weeks, hence no videos regarding my 90 day weight loss challenge. However, the funeral is next weekend and as I approach closure I am taking my weight loss a lot more seriously!

I decided to add cardio and aerobics and wanted it to be intense, I got that today. Watch below video. I collapsed into my coach twice and was flat out on the mat once or twice also – I am so grateful Jillian Michaels is not my personal trainer!

90 Day Weight Loss  Challenge - CardioI felt like I was going to pass out around the ‘burpees’ and the ‘plank’ sessions. However, I got off the coach after a minute or 2, as I knew I had to keep my heart rate up!

I’m now determined more than ever to cut right down on unhealthy snacks and focus on keeping my calories down and my exercise up to burn weight efficiently. :)

If you have been trying to take your weight loss and exercise to an entire new level, I challenge you to go with this. I will for two weeks as I am looking at the FocusT25 which I can buy with a 12.5% cash back using the shopping portal HERE Do add your comments below please! :)

Day 4 - 90 day weight loss challenge cardioMy daily supplement intake are:
Simply Naturals
Organo Gold Coffee
Ardyss Levive

Take care until the tomorrow! :)

The Importance of Minerals

The importance of mineralsApproximately 97% of the body is comprised of minerals yet minerals are generally overlooked when nutrition is considered. Did your mother ever remind you to take your minerals? Probably not, but she did say don’t forget to take your vitamins! Why do Doctors, Nutritionists and Health Practitioners constantly promote vitamins without mentioning minerals? Don’t they know vitamins are basically useless in the absence of minerals? Gary Price Todd, M.D., says the human body needs at least 60 trace minerals in order to maintain a disease and ailment free state. If this is true, it’s easy to understand why sickness is so prevalent throughout the world. Foods that are raised or purchased today contain, on average, no more than 16 to 18 minerals. This small number of minerals in plants is due to a mineral deficiency of the soils around the world. Science has proven the soils of the earth did contain approximately 80 minerals in prehistoric times. However, millions of years of wind and rain erosion and centuries of unwise farming practices have drastically reduced the mineral content of the earth’s surface where plants grow. According to Dr. Todd, minerally deficient soils produce sick plants, which produce sick animals and ultimately sick human beings. Dr. Linus Pauling, two times Nobel Laureate, said “one could trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency”.

If the preceding is true, it only makes sense people need to find a mineral source that provides 60 or more minerals. This is the reason the principals at U. S. Naturals, Inc. believe you should consider Sizzling Minerals. This product provides up to 75 trace minerals. It is also plant derived, containing the same kind of hydrophilic minerals that are found in fruits and vegetables. This type of mineral is unlike a metallic mineral obtained from ancient seabeds, soil or ground up rocks. Metallic minerals have a positive electrical charge whereby plant minerals like those in Sizzling minerals have a negative charge or what experts call a negative zeta potential. This makes a big difference in the body’s ability to digest these minerals for the utmost benefit. Today’s environment of polluted atmosphere, toxic chemicals, toxic emissions and contaminated water can alter the functions of one’s body on a day-to-day basis. Plant derived minerals can help regulate these alterations.

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