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Help Boost Your Metabolism

Help Boost Your MetabolismAn active metabolism helps you to lose weight, it therefore corresponds that if your metabolism is sluggish you won’t lose any weight. Please read below for the solution to a sluggish metabolism:

This delicious tea helps to boost metabolism by raising the body temperature or energy output. As the metabolism rises, fat cells are utilized as energy. Thermogen Tea assists in curbing the appetite, restoring the natural balance of your body, and aids weight loss.

Our Everyday Health Benefits to Help Boost Your Metabolism
  1. Maintain cholesterol and triglycerides levels that are already in normal range
  2. Helps to prevent fluid retention
  3. Helps eliminate accumulated toxins
  4. Helps boost your metabolism
LE’VIVE+ MINIS To Help Boost Your Metabolic Rate

All the benefits of Le’Vive+ juice in convenient mini servings. Perfect for when you’re on the go or sharing this amazing product with others.