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Why I Chose Worldventures

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time you’ll be aware of my passion for creating a residual income and multiple income streams through home based business arena.

leave a legacy - CopyGet paid to travel - CopyTravel events near youYou may also be aware of my passion for personal development and this is a must have when considering a home business. Continue reading Why I Chose Worldventures

Failure Is Not An Option – Female Entrepreneurs

Failure is not an option

As a woman in business my greatest challenge has been getting the support of my husband of 22 years and staying motivated in spite of of it.

You see, I read law and after a few years practicing I decided it was no longer a passion of mine as my new passion was to become a female entrepreneur. My hopes and dreams of succeeding here were incomprehensible to him, so therefore impossible; and he would sometimes tell me so. He had more faith in a steady income from a job whilst I did not; and a few jobs later I decided I would do this full time my way, which was focus full time on being a female entrepreneur so I could concentrate on succeeding.

My goal is creating multiple income streams and residual income and no matter how much I’ve tried I can’t dull the passion.

It’s what’s constantly on my mind and in my dreams and I know the success of many up and coming fellow female entrepreneurs is reliant on my reaching my goal! 😀

So, I constantly commit myself to personal development and training and am closer now to my ultimate goal of financial freedom because I dared not only to dream, but take consistent action and in spite of failure still press on towards my goal.

If you’re a  married female entrepreneur and lack the support of your spouse, don’t worry, as long as you are passionate, commit yourself to growth and keep pressing on, you’ll reach your goal. How do I know? Throughout history failure and hardship generally precede great success and because failure for the determined, is not an option.

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Dealing With The Root Of Your Problems

Dealing With The Root Of Your Problems
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Scientist have concluded that subliminal messages can definitely influence behavior.

A study at Cornell university indicates, “Subliminal presentation seem capable of influencing behavior.”
A study from university College, London, indicates the brain does register subliminal messages even if a person is unaware they have seen them.”

In 1974 the U.S. banned subliminal advertising in commercials because it was determined that influencing people without their knowledge was contrary, “To the public interest”.

The British, Australian and Canadian government has since followed suit. However, when used for personal development, this software is completely safe and legal. YOU choose the messages you want to receive. YOU are in charge of the results. YOU control the process with a click of a button…

Dealing With The Root Of Your Problems
The mind is a terrible thing to waste

Obviously, total transformation will require you not only changing your negative self limiting beliefs, but taking required action. That will mean stepping out of your comfort zone and acting inspite of fear.

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Turn Your Monday Blues Upside

Turn Your Monday Blues Upside

So, you have to go to work on Monday and your unhappy about the fact.

Why don’t you do something about it?

“Like what?” I hear you say. Make Monday the day you educate yourself. Let’s face it, you go to work to satisfy at least one of the following needs:

    • Security
    • Income
    • Freedom
    • Retirement

You know without your job you have no hope, however you also know that your job cannot make you financially free. Shift your focus from income gathering to asset building and with that you will go to work with a new spring in your steps, because your focus is where it should be to get you to your goals sooner rather than later! :)

Make Monday's betterSo, educate yourself on what you can do using your job as a vehicle every Monday that will get you what you want.

Take action now to turn your Monday blues upside by investing in yours and your family’s future.

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Setting Clear Intentions

Setting Clear IntentionsSetting clear intentions for your goals, hopes and dreams can work wonders in your life! :)

Think back to a time when you really wanted something and what you did to get it. Was it constantly on your mind? Did you daily work towards it? Were you indifferent about or intent on it? Setting Clear Intentions

Answering these questions will help you focus on what is important in your marriage, family, work and or business and having the right attitude and focus will help get you to your goal. :)

To help you commit to attaining your dreams, I HIGHLY Setting Clear Intentionsrecommend practical personal development coaching and training as they will help you remain focused and committed. Setting Clear Intentions

When something is out of sight it’s usually out of mind, this practical personal development training/coaching will help you set clear intentions starting today.

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Invest In Yourself

We’re all so used to investing in a vocational education, even when we know that an great education is not a guarantee of wealth or debt free living. Allow me to show you how investing in your personal development or self improvement aka mindset training can give you a life beyond your widest dreams. 😀

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How A Simple Blogging System Can Transform Your Life!

Regardless of where you are in business you need a blog to share your ideas. Using the 8 core commitments shows you how to blog and get paid for sharing your blog.

Take Kevin’s story for an example. One day he blogged about how he misses his father, and the post ended up ranking in the search engines for his father’s name. Since this system I’m about to show you an authority site, your your Viral Blog in many cases will rank in the search engines easier than a lot of other sites can. Kevin’s nephew, who he was not aware existed, contacted him and said, “I think that you and my dad are brothers.” After doing a little bit of research, they found out that this was true
Imagine not worrying at all about SEO, ranking or any other technical stuff, just blog about what you love and see massive results! :)

How A Simple Blogging System Can Transform Your Life!
Nicole & I

Marriages are being saved, because financial pressure is lifted, like Nicole’s and Justin’s respective marriages.

How A Simple Blogging System Can Transform Your Life!
Melissa & I

Melissa and Kevin, were declared bankrupt by the latter end of 2011, but now earn other 6 figures just doing exactly what I share with you here!

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How A Simple Blogging System Can Transform Your Life!
I took this photo

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How A Simple Blogging System Can Transform Your Life!
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Online Marketing Business

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Look In The Mirror And Ask Yourself:

Am I really focused this year or am I jumping all over the place?Online Marketing Business
Do I really want to change my life?
What am I prepared to do to turn things around?
What do I need to change?
What am I doing that is holding me back?

Dream Big With This Online Marketing Business

If you are struggling or desperate for money, it’s because you became complacent at one point with the income you were earning and this stopped you dreaming bigger and reaching for more! However, it’s time to dream again with this online marketing business.

In 2014 what are the 5 things you would do, have and become if time and money ceased to become obstacles and you could do whatever you wanted to do?

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Practical Way to Make Money Online

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A Practical Way to Make Money Online

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