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Are You A Master or Slave?

“The first responsibility of every parent is to build a financial wall around their children” – Jim Rohn.

The following article describes my sentiments exactly:

Are You A Master or Slave?

In cities and towns throughout America, there exist thousands of slave labor camps. Near these camps, which weave in and out of cities and rural communities are settlements where the slaves live. Each morning, these slaves move “herd-like” from their homes and into their assigned places of labor. Each one arrives at his or her station by 7:30 a.m. where they report to their masters for their day’s duties. Then they remain chained to certain tasks until 5:00 p.m. when they are released. These slaves have no choice on how many hours they must labor sometimes they are required to work overtime until their master tells them when they may leave.

Year after year, they are told when to take their vacation, for how long, and when they must return. They have little choice as to how much money they earn. They are allowed very little time for lunch and coffee breaks during these labor hours. They remain in their chains with great fear because the Masters can punish them with the “lay-off” whip. It is said that even some slaves that are good and faithful have felt the sting of the whip. Day by day, year by year, they toil until the master decides that it is time for them to stop working. He then releases them to the retirement camps, where they are forced to sit idle and wait for death. It’s a well-known fact that the old slaves that try to work are sometimes whipped with the “stop-your-pension” whip.

I know these slave camps really exist, for I am a free man who lives among the slaves. I am in business for myself and I answer to no one… I rise in the morning and make my schedule. I decide my own hours; I can even sleep-in late while the slaves are at work. I can vacation when, where, and for how long I please. I am free to take my coffee and lunch break when I decide, and of course I decide my own pay check, because I am not a slave. I can choose to work when and where I please and with whom I please. I am free to stay in the city for as long as I want or to move on to greener pastures if I decide to.

I have seen many slaves trade one master for another, thinking somehow their life will be different. There is a ray of hope for the slave, though. He or she can buy his or her own freedom. The cost is not high, yet it seems high to those who don’t have the courage to pay the price. What is the price? One must be willing to be one’s own master! Author—Chris Carley.

I’ve been listening to Zig Ziglar’s teaching, ‘See you at the top’ where he tells a few stories highlighting the keys to success and the attitude that brings it about. The key attitude is your willingness to do what many others will not do after the height of competition during the week. Zig says: “You don’t pay the price of success you enjoy the price of success!” To enjoy the price of success follow the link here

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How To Leave An Inheritance To Your Children’s Children

How To Leave An Inheritance To Your Children's Children

Did you know one of the reasons I hosted the Love Nurture Functions in the past was to show parents how we could leave and inheritance to our children’s children?

What I’ve realised over the years is a lot of the couples I know, know how to stay together, Praise God! However, we haven’t really mastered the leaving an inheritance part and this comes from residual income, a fact, like gravity that works whether we like it or not. :)

Earn A Residual To Leave An Inheritance 

Do you earn a residual income?

My husband and I attended a business conference last year where that question was asked of the attendees. The speaker stated an alarming fact and said Africans, specifically Nigerians are good at throwing parties and bad at investing in the future and that we generally consider Working Tax Credit and Child Benefit to be sources of residual income! :(

How To Leave An Inheritance To Your Children’s Children

How To Leave An Inheritance To Your Children's ChildrenTruth is, personally since starting Love Nurture, I have been burdened by this knowledge and have searched, researched and signed up for a quite a few programs to get the information that parents are lacking. Succinctly put, residual income is money you get from other sources without much effort on your part following the initial setup. The trick is to find your passion and promote it to like minded individuals by becoming an affiliate or you can market your own product and services from one place and earn a residual. :)

Interested? Do you have a passion you’d like to present to the right people? Do you have a product or service to market? Could you refer others using a easy to follow process and be paid for it? Would you like to have multiple income streams?

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Benefits Of Coffee

Benefits of CoffeeYour Daily Fix That Lines Your Pocket Whilst Improving Your Health.

The next wave of millionaires and billionaires are coming from the health and wellness industry, get into Organo Gold now. It doesn’t matter that you don’t drink coffee, it is not for you it is for all the coffee lovers out there and those who are conscious of their health and wellness! Owning a home based business, is profitable when you’re in one that works and for tax purposes.

Check the website Business for Home and see the list of the fastest growing list of millionaires and notice how many come from a home business.

Bill Gates says, “If you don’t have a business on the internet, you don’t have a business!” Start your coffee business here

Owning an online business will create wealth for your future generation if you commit yourself. Bill Gates had two friends who stuck with him when he presented his opportunity, others dropped out. The two that stayed they are millionaires!

Coffee is one of the most consumed products in the world, why not get in and focus on the vision of generational wealth and not the opportunity? Get it here

Benefits Of Coffee

Don’t be too caught up in the opportunity you miss the vision.

When was the last time you heard of a coffee company that flopped? Coffee is not driven by economics it driven by habit.

McDonald’s understand the coffee industry, they introduced WiFi and people have meetings there and drink their coffee, do you think McDonald’s is profiting? Star Bucks, Dunkin Donuts etc understand the principle of selling coffee.

Don’t make your decision to join based on others ignorance, stick with the facts.

Fortune magazine had a list of 50 most successful business person of the year, the CEO of Starbucks was on that list. Starbucks are making billions of dollars selling coffee. Now you have an opportunity to get in on the coffee profits from them.

Our exclusive ingredients ganoderma is the one thing we have in our coffee the others don’t and it’s the number one herb in the world. So, it gets health and wealth to the masses by infusing ganoderma into all the products helping your health and wellness in your coffee habit.

You should know whatever online business you’re in, is just a vehicle for your success. When you understand that your success is dependent on your mindset, not on the failures or success of others, then you will succeed. Owning an online business is an investing in your future and you decide how far you will go! Get in the coffee business Here

Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey to name a few, understand the path to wealth is through residual income, that is money you earn when you’re not actively doing anything! Come Enjoy The Benefits Of Coffee Here

One last word, have you ever given a recommendation for a restaurant, hair salon or any other product or service without Benefits Of Coffeegetting paid for it? Well, that’s network marketing.

Why not get paid? Donald Trump understands it, he mentioned if he were to ever lose all his money he could make it all again through network marketing. If you still need convincing, then you don’t deserve to be wealthy!

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