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A Practical Guide To Financial Freedom

A Practical Guide To Financial Freedom

The key to financial freedom is to know how much you will need in terms of lifestyle to be able to enjoy the one you want. This is a practical guide to financial freedom :)

Ask yourself how much money will I need to be financially free? How much will it take for you to enjoy financial freedom?

Key To Financial Freedom

A recent exercise I learnt to help me focus was to write the approximate amount of money I need to earn per year adding 50% for taxes and inflation. So, decide how much money annually you will need to earn to have financial freedom.

Strategies For Financial Freedom

The next point I learnt was to discover strategies how to earn this amount. These are:

  • To save or amass a substantial amount and put it into interest or dividend bearing accounts and equity vehicles (like stocks, sharesA Practical Guide To Financial Freedom and property) from which we can enjoy profits. This is called your Golden Goose. Get stock picks here: Penny Stock Alerts
  • Then, from this you decide how much lump sum capital you need to acquire the income you wrote down. To do this you take the total annual figure you wrote down and multiply it by 10, this lump sum is what you need in capital for your Golden Goose. 😀

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