The Power of A Plan

I simply love Zig Ziglar’s teachings and stories.

This one I found in the course of improving my personal development along the way of building my business.  This story showed me the importance of having a plan and fulfilling it.


This story Zig shared stuck with me as it’s the trouble with a lot of people today; and it’s this type of attitude that holds people back from pursuing their dreams!


The Power of A Plan

One of the most exciting stories that I think I’ve ever heard has to do with an incident that took place on a railroad a number of years ago, in the 1950s. It’s a hot August day, the sun is beaming down, and there’s a work crew out doing some repair work on the railroad. Now all of a sudden a train approaches and pulls off onto the adjoining track. And a window comes up and a loud voice shouts to the work crew, “Dave! Dave Anderson, is that you?” And the work crew chief shouts back, “Yeah Jim, it is!” And so Jim Murphy responds, “Why don’t you come on in here and let’s talk awhile!” Well, ol’ Dave was delighted to get out of that hot sun. He chatted with Jim in that fancy air-conditioned private railroad car for the better part of an hour. And when the hour was up Dave made his departure and headed back over to the work crew. The crew looked at him in amazement and said, “Well Dave, that was Jim Murphy!” And Dave said “Yep, sure was!” So the crew says, “But Jim Murphy is the president of the railroad!” Dave kinda chuckled and said, “Well, nobody knows that better than I do!” Next, the guys asked, “Now how in the world did you get to be such good buddies with Jim Murphy, the president of this railroad?” Dave responds, “Well, it’s very simple. When I went to work over twenty years ago with this railroad, Jim Murphy went to work that same day. We’ve been friends ever since.” So now the crew says, “Dave, we’re a bit puzzled. Twenty years ago you and Jim Murphy went to work for the railroad on the same day, and now he’s the president of the railroad while you’re still out here working in the hot sun. Why is that?” And Dave Anderson paused for a moment, then very sadly said, “A little over twenty years ago, Jim Murphy went to work for the railroad. I went to work for a dollar and seventy-five cents an hour.”

The point of this story is,  Jim Murphy’s had a plan to become more than just an employee, whilst Dave Anderson plan was to be just an employee.

Do, you now see the power of a plan? :)

Ask yourself, “Am I working or building?”

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