Why I Chose Worldventures

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time you’ll be aware of my passion for creating a residual income and multiple income streams through home based business arena.

leave a legacy - CopyGet paid to travel - CopyTravel events near youYou may also be aware of my passion for personal development and this is a must have when considering a home business.

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Although this is headed, ‘Why I Chose Worldventures’, having attended numerous events hosted by the company and spoken to and listened to various top earners within the company, the following reasons are why we all chose Worldventures.

First of all Worldventures (WV) is a personal development company under the guise of travel. At every event I’ve attended, with every webinar, travel party and other training I’ve received there is always something that resonates with me and inspires me to dream bigger and better and aim higher.

Why I Chose Worldventures – The Product

Going on a Dreamtrip changes your view of life and the world at large as you are exposed to a better way of living and different cultures. It’s here you create lifetime memories and enjoy awesome experiences.

Why I Chose Worldventures – The Management

The visionaries behind the company care about people; and this is evident in their accessibility at events, on dreamtrips and their heart (Worldventures Foundation)

Why I Chose Worldventures – The Leadership

Although I haven’t personally met Wayne Nugent or Mike Azcue, they are known for their hospitality and friendship; they have been known to mingle with their members without ego.

Why I Chose Worldventures – The Leverage

Having on average a 40 hour job for 40 years with little to no downtime for yourself, family or friends to me feels more like enslavement. However, with a home business like WV affords me the opportunity to create an unlimited residual income with less effort and more downtime after the initial building and setting up ofcourse.

When my dear friend introduced it to me the fact that I got paid to travel was an additional benefit; as what initially attracted me was the travel perks of the Platinum membership which to me was a ‘no brainer’. Learn More Here

See official youtube page
If you are looking for a home based business opportunity that affords you a better lifestyle, provides you the opportunity to create memories and leave a legacy, then this is it! 😀



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