Why You Should Trade Penny Stocks

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If you want to earn a residual income without the stress and you have the means to get started today, I suggest you take a serious look at Penny Stocks. When you sign up you get alerts and not just that, but in depth information on why this would be a viable trade.

If you like me want to benefit from the potential compound interest  and exponential growth of your investment, then, by all means, do your research and read the facts below:

I’ve introduced penny stock trading before on this platform and ask that you take it seriously. Read one very recent alert I received from James Connelly, the creator of the Penny Stock Prophet below:

“YOU Would Be Absolutely Insane Not to Take My New Pick
(SSOK) Very Serious Considering The Recent Activity!

If you liked yesterday’s pick which was ALPP which Soared in price, booking 357% in Gains, you’re going to grab your share of my new idea.

Most of my picks have been averaging 100%+ in Gains. I have stocks gaining over 1,000% or more!

Bottom Line…

My track record speaks for itself. I’ve lost count of the Winners we have had. Proving who the Best Stock Picker in the penny stock community is, time and time again!

Your Next Step Is To Get Yourself Ready
For (SSOK) Which Is My New Trading Idea.

Dear PSP Premium Paid Member,

James Connelly here…

My New Monster Pick for Thursday is: SSOK

Wall Street is about to Show Major Interest in SSOK!

Symbol: SSOK
Co: Sunstock, Inc.
Breakout Catalyst: (+)

Let’s get to it…

In 2015, the U.S. consumer goods market, alone, was estimated to be approximately $446B, the largest in the world, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Standards.

With the strengthening economy, hotels and other rental income properties have become attractive investments.

According to Statista, the Global Hotel industry is expected to reach over $500B by 2018, alone.

With low rates and increasing inflation, investing in these assets helps to prevent economic uncertainty and potential currency losses.

That in mind, investing in hotels, residential real estate and the precious metals market serves as strategic investments under the current U.S. economic policies.

Companies focused on the basic consumer goods industry, as well as real estate and precious metals should have immense growth potential.

About Sunstock, Inc.

Sunstock, Inc. is a California-based company involved in the property business. It intends to acquire and operate hotels, rental income properties, and also open rehabilitation centers with their real estate assets.

In addition, the firm plans on building a position in silver bullion with its cash reserves.

This is a great plan for a company to play its reserves as the demand for silver is skyrocketing with each passing year as technological needs for the precious metal continue to rise and as people all over the world continue to hedge themselves against the US dollar.

Penny stock banner

This is a unique twist to most property related firms because SSOK plans on building a recession-proof portfolio in the case that we see inflationary policies in the US.

In other words, SSOK will have multiple revenue streams along with a silver portfolio.

It intends to explore crowdfunding opportunities. This will allow SSOK an opportunity to discover properties that they would not necessarily find using traditional avenues.

SSOK operates one retail store under the
Dollar Green Stores in Sacramento, California.

SSOK Chart Resembles My Last Big Winner… In A Profitable Way.

On November 15, 2017, SSOK closed at $.84 per share.

The firm’s stock price has traded in a range between $0.30 and $1.40 over the last 52 weeks while showing strong support creating plenty of opportunity to profit.

You should view this an opportunity to get in at lower prices since, at the moment, shares of SSOK are discounted by 70%.

Remember, discounted prices do not equal the upside and I’ll get to that later…

As of Nov 14, SSOK had a market cap of about $34M.

On Friday Nov 3rd the stock hit a low of $0.42, which shows just how volatile this stock is and just how profitable it can be seeing that it closed on Nov 14th at $0.86.

Once again, this resembles yesterday’s alert since that stock all of a sudden moved up as well in conjunction with a strong increase in trading volume.

Yesterday’s pick was trading just a week ago at $0.11…
it rocketed to a high of $0.64 cents booking a 357% Gain from opening bell.

Now, let’s get to the upside.

Conservative estimates peg the upside at 70%; however, just like with my last alert, the recent increase in trading volume together with the sudden increase in share price tells me that we could be in for a massive day tomorrow.


Because resistance is set at $.90 and it looks ready to snap, especially if trading volume ramps up on Thursday… and it looks like that will definitely be the case.

If you missed my last alert and the profits of 357% in Gains that were there for the taking then this is your opportunity at a potential RE-DO.

That’s because this stock freakishly resembles yesterday’s alert as far as technicals, volatility, price appreciation, and undervalued share prices.

Higher priced small-cap stocks also benefit from the fact that they tend to be more stable as far as downside, but the upside is often times much larger than their lower-priced counterparts.

Remember yesterday’s pick ALPP, I gave you it at $.14 cents and told you that the huge run up was about to potentially start, and sure enough, the stock soared to a staggering high of $.64 representing 357% in Gains from my alert.

That’s almost a “QUADRUPLE” your money situation…

And I ended up saying… What Did I tell YOU… I Told You So!

My other recent stock idea I gave you was (CEI), which I alerted you it on October 30th at $.16 cents, and told you that the huge run up was about to potentially start, and sure enough, the stock soared to a staggering high of $.40 on Wednesday Nov 8th, representing 150% in Gains from my alert!

That’s almost a “TRIPLE” your money situation!

Don’t Make Me Say I Told You So, Again!

Imagine if any investor did their research and scooped up; just 30,000 shares of yesterday’s pick.

With yesterday’s pick… Every $4,000 had an opportunity to turn into $20,000 within just one hour of trading.

When was the last time you saw the chance to turn 4k into 20k? Not often correct?

I’m focused on delivering you another shot at a huge potential winner, with tremendous upside opportunity…. SSOK!

Immediately Turn Your Attention to SSOK!

We are urging all of our subscribers to add SSOK to the top of their watch list right now, and be ready Thursday morning at the opening bell!

Yours for greater profits,”

James Connelly


James Connelly
Editor, PennyStockProphet.

Note: Please don’t try and trade SSOK based on the above today as this is a past example of up to the minute alerts members get to their private email.

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Warning: As always never trade more than you can afford to lose. 


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