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Love Nurture was started following its official launch in October 2003 in London, UK. I created it to help build stronger marriages, helping connect couples and marriages to the heart of God.

Since its launch, I had held regular couples functions and published the quarterly magazine, focusing on showing couples how to love and nurture their marriage and practical ways to leave an inheritance to their children. My most popular tagline is my quote: “Your Marriage Is Like A Garden, Nurture it”.

A great marriage doesn’t just happen, it takes work, dedication, commitment, love and forgiveness with a huge dose of the grace of God.

All couples must understand that God created marriage and for your marriage to succeed you must follow His guidance and guidelines found in the bible. Many have gone contrary and have found out the truth the hard way – this biblical principle applies to all who profess to be Christians.

God needs to be at the centre of your home and marriage for it to thrive.

If you have not committed your heart and life over to God through faith in Jesus Christ, this is the starting point. Then get yourself a cross-reference bible to help you with your learning and study of the word. If you are reading the bible online a great place to start cross-referencing is Bible Hub

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