5 Fun Health Facts

In these days of the current climate of coronavirus, death and fear, it’s even more important for all of us to look after our health.

Fun Health Facts

To this end, I have collated some fun health facts for us to become aware of and apply to protect and improve our health. Some you might be aware of, however, some might be completely new to you.

Fun health fact 1 – Did you know that you protect your heart when you brush your teeth twice daily? The reason is that bacteria in your mouth can find its way to your heart when you fail to brush your teeth.

Fun health fact 2 – Did you know that our body makes vitamin D when exposed to the sun?

Fun health fact 3 – Did you also know that vitamin D is vital for your immune system to function and helps your body to absorb nutrients?

Fun health fact 4 – Did you know that your dietary function requirements change as you age? Over 50-year-olds need more protein and fewer calories as the body at this time is not as able to absorb nutrients. The reason being is that muscle mass is reduced as we age. Also, because by this age stomach acid is reduced which affects the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Fun health fact 5 – Did you know that the quantity of water you should consume daily varies from size to size? It is calculated as weight in kg divided by 3 equals the number of decilitres.

Now I’ve shared these health facts with you, I hope you apply the knowledge for your overall health. Are there any other health facts I might have missed that you would like added? Please share them below in the comment box.

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