A Review of Blue Edge Financial

I joined the company following a promotion they had on YouTube about prop farming. Needless to say, I missed out on the offer so when I contacted them I was informed that it had expired a short while ago.

Granted we all agreed that they should have mentioned this fact in the bio section of the video. However, I was thanked for bringing it to light and they promised to do something about it (well the person I corresponded with anyway).

Another thing that was misleading was what I was signing up for precisely. I wanted to get started with a prop farming challenge, however, once I was registered it soon became apparent that I had paid just for the software.

However, the good thing is I get training with over 20 modules teaching me everything I require to be successful in trading the software.

What Is the Blue Edge Financial?

They are a company that provides trading software called Titan X as a service. As a customer, I am able to choose the settings I want to use and decide how risky I want my software settings to be. This information is thoroughly explained in the back office training.

Here are 7 things I have discovered since registering with Blue Edge Financial, namely:-

  1. There is training in the back office that is geared to help traders to become successful.
  2. They are very serious about money management.
  3. You have to follow the settings precisely (to get the software trading profitably for you) and there are a few. However, the support is readily available and quite helpful via webchat – they know me well.
  4. The software works well on both demo and live accounts with the settings adjusted accordingly.
  5. You can use the software on any MT4 or MT5 account, however, going with their recommended broker can double your account balance with a bonus scheme (see the below image).
  6. If you like me, want to pass a prop firm challenge they will provide you with the tools via the software and or a mentoring upgrade.
  7. They provide help to pass the prop firm challenge for an additional fee.

This post is to show you how it’s been working for me and others, but your results may be completely different as past results aren’t indicators of future results. Do see the below Blue Edge Financial disclaimer.

If you are looking for a long-term growth strategy, this is for you. You can make a profit if you are able to learn and apply the settings in the client area.

My Trading Profits Using Titan X

Since registering with the Blue Edge Financial trading system and using the Titan X software I have increased my live account from $667.72 and my demo from $100,000. Additionally, I have secured my bonus following the recommendation of the broker to use. It’s a win, win for me.

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About Blue Edge Financial

There appear to be 3 or 4 people behind it. A few names have popped up in the Discord group and also presenting the video training.

They are based in  Cheyenne, United States, and have a contact number all laid out on the website.

To *register for forex software go here: Forex
To *register for crypto go here: Crypto

Just so you know, this is the only software and system I am following to trade right now in 2022. I have gleaned what I wanted from others (some of which I have promoted) and am focused only on this system.


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Watch Forex Trading For Beginners = This is an excellent tool for you if you are new to trading.

*Please note that registration entitles you to gain access to the Blue Edge Financial trading software (crypto resources) and the trading academy. Help with prop firm trading is offered as an additional fee available to members only. 

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