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My name is Eruvwu Joyce Obuaya and I’ve been married to Austin since September 11th 1993 and together we are parents to Chude, Onyeka, Somechi and Uche. I am the award-winning author of Branding 101 – Turning Your Passion To Profit, also a writer and the author of Anchored Assurance, Top 10 Marriage Qualities and *A Good Man Leaveth An Inheritance, available to purchase on this website (*however, A Good Man Leaveth An Inheritance is available for FREE download, just click the link).

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Following on from teaching parents about securing their children’s financial future, I am passionate about bringing out the best in marriages and families and want to see them thrive in all areas as God intended, with a particular interest helping them manage and grow their finances – see Love Nurture Investments.

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