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Apparently only 8% of 60 who make new year’s resolutions keep them.

In this blog I aim to reveal why this is the case and what you can do to become part of the successful few who achieve Success, it is said, leaves clues and you’ll find them throughout this post.

The Problem

There are many reasons why people fail in their intention and life, as some have said, gets in the way. However, if you are sick and tired of the same sad, bad and uninspiring circumstances that have held you back then it’s time to do something positive about it.

This post is not for everyone however, as we’ve seen above not everyone sets new year’s resolutions or wants to change their situation. On the other hand, if the following applies to you, then read on:-

  1. Do you struggle to set or achieve goals?
  2. Want sound investment opportunities?
  3. Want more time and money freedom?
  4. Are you struggling to survive on your pension or concerned about your financial future?
  5. Do you desire to leave wealth for your children and grandchildren?

Read on…

The Facts

As per above facts, statistics shows only a staggering 8% of the overall population who make resolutions (new year’s or otherwise) go through with it. Just imagine how many people that is, it causes you to wonder why, doesn’t it? What is preventing people from going through with their resolve?

However, did you know:-

  1. 75% of people who commit to their personal development transform their lives for the best?
  2. The value of money and currency has decreased over the years and will continue to do so?
  3. Almost everyone who has an accountability partner is more successful than those who do not? The same is true for those who have a mentor or coach.
  4. No one ever attains financial independence working at a job alone?

The fact is that being in a low paying job, with no foreseeable future prospects and unable to guarantee your pension or it’s sufficiency to meet your needs when you retire is quite painful, emotionally disturbing and draining.

Many people are having to work past retirement age just because they can’t afford to retire.

Those who decide to own a home business or take up self employment generally find that it drains their energy, takes all their time and with barely any financial rewards, I’ve been there.

Others live with the pain of seeing their children grow up without financial security, I truly understand, being a mother of 4 myself.

The Solution

Change comes when you get to the place where you are truly fed up of constantly failing at your attempts to save money and ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’ existence.

“When you wonder, is this ever going to end?” ” Is this all I have to look forward to with no improvement in sight?”

1000’s of people just like you have made the decision to transform their lives through coaching and mentoring programs. Whilst this can cost a few thousands a time (a pretty penny) I am on a mission to provide mentoring and coaching for a fraction of the price, just to pay it forward or give back and also for your referral and testimonial.

The Goal

What you achieve are the tools and resources to transform your life for the better. I have highlighted what this will look like below. You’ll have the ability to:-

  • Transform your life in ways you never thought possible;
  • Massively increase your earning potential;
  • Get your money to work for you without having to save more than usual;
  • Create multiple income streams from home and gradually free yourself from financial worry;
  • Show business owners how to make money from their customers even when they don’t buy from you.

Imagine never having any money worries and being able to provide for yourself, family and charity without feeling the pinch.

Imagine being able to retire when you want and have a sizable pension to keep you content and happy.

Imagine meeting and exceeding your goals every time.

Imagine you have achieved your vision.

Your Guide

I have been on a mission since October 2003 to help build stronger marriages and teach parents how to leave an inheritance to their children’s children through Love Nurture and Love Nurture Investments which I started with this sole aim.

My credentials are:

1. Owning a huge database of tools and resources built up from years of personal development training which I acquired through paid mentoring, coaching and reading several self-improvement books;

2. Goal setting strategy. There is an art to setting and accomplishing goals that I and many successful people use which I will show you how to learn and apply it;

3. I am a certified coach, consultant, digital marketing specialist and the award-winning author of the upcoming book Branding 101 – Turning Your Passion To Profit;

4. Smarter money saving. I will show you a smarter way to save your money in a way that increases in value overtime.

Even now more than ever I have personal coaches and mentors that help me get to my own goals and aspirations as I fully understand that to get to a destination that you haven’t been to, you need someone who knows the way to be your guide.

So, with that said, it’s time to unveil what’s been holding you back and enlarge your territory.

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