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Practical Steps to Investing

6 months ago I shared about Practical Steps to Investing as part of a series of workshops one of the Pastor’s at my church had initiated. As one who has invested time and money over the years learning and  informing parents on ways to leave an inheritance to children’s children through Love Nurture Investments as part of Love Nurture I relished the opportunity to share my insights.

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Make Money Online From Home

If you ever wanted to know how you could make money online from home, you will find that with the advancement of social media and technology it’s easier and cheaper than you would initially think.

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Organo Gold Coffee – An Honest Review

Name: Organo Gold Coffee


Price: Retail Customers enjoy up to 20% of the wholesale prices

Order: Online following link to Products

Packaging: Up to 30 sachets in the black coffee, 20 in the Latte and 15 in the Mocha containing up to 3 to 4 teaspoons.

Founder: Bernardo Chua

Address: International company based in the US with worldwide distribution centres

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Who it’s for: Coffee or tea lovers and or network marketer

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Profitable Trading Strategy

I recently wrote a blog post on my Business Leads Tools website about smart investing, you might want to go over there to check it out at the end of this post. The reason why I bring it up is that trading the markets properly is a great way to smart investing.

Profitable Trading Strategy

There are many ways to trade the markets i.e. forex trading, option trading, spread trading and a few others that you can think of, binary comes to mind also. The important thing to note is to find a profitable trading system that works for you and learning the strategies that will make you successful.

It is common knowledge that many people lose money trading. For many who trade the markets, be it options, binary, stock, currency, scalping, day or swing trading, whatever the trade, lose their money; and the reasons are several, but I will name the ones I have uncovered over the years.

Reasons Losses Occur

They are namely:-

1. People don’t understand the trends. Surprising as it may sound, a lot of people follow what is on the news and what the public are saying i.e. they place their confidence in general opinion to make a trade and this is a big mistake.

2. Many people do not understand the trading strategy for the platform or for the type of trade they have chosen. It is important that you understand the platform you are using and the trade strategy that you are undertaking.

3. To have a successful trade strategy you need to at least follow three or more indicators, but some people just follow one indicator i.e. the trend is up or the trend is down. However, too many indicators also can lead to unsuccessful trades.

4. Another major reason I would say why 96% of people lose their trades, and this is one that I discovered recently, even though I always suspected it, I didn’t understand exactly what was happening until I came across this information I’m about to share with you in my research. Why 96% of trades fail is because of the banks, the big players. You need to understand what they’re doing. When they’re in a trade and when they’re out of the trade. Remember me mentioning herd mentality earlier on in this post? You need to do the opposite of the herd, but not just doing the opposite you need to be strategic in your trades.

5. Another reason people fail is if they spread themselves too thin. I have heard it said occasionally that you must trade a small percentage of your bank. However, the common consensus is only between 5% to 10% of your overall trading bank should ever be at risk at any time in any trade – no matter how confident you are of the trade.

6. Any trader who understands proper trading strategy understands that you must ride your profits and cut your losses. Unfortunately, many Traders do it the other way round, they cut their profits short out of fear and allow their losses to run in the hope that a reversal is around the corner.

7. Always write down your trades. Make a written note of trades you have entered, your losses, your profits and why you entered the trade. So that you can review your trades and reasoning behind it with the aim of getting better at a strategy and learn what works for you and what doesn’t.

8. This may seem trivial, but never celebrating your wins is one sure way to lose all your money eventually. Get in the habit of celebrating when you have made a profit, however small, celebrate it.

9. Many failing trades is as a result of not understanding seasonality. When you fail to understand what period you are in or what sector is doing well or not doing well at any given time when you enter your trades, it will lead you to failure and loss.

10. Not following the big money (also known as smart money). No matter how much you have or where you place your stop loss, you will be consistently losing money if you trade opposite to what the smart money is trading. Not knowing what the smart money is doing will cost you, I know it well!

I have been trading for over 10 years now and I have experienced great loss and I’ve also experienced great wins and right now I understand where I have been getting it wrong and what I should be doing. Fortunately this knowledge leads me to understand how these principles work for me and my consulting clients. If you want help applying anything I have shared with you here and want to know more then reach out to me for a consultation on how you can get started in my profitable trading strategy system.

I’ll show you how to find the right trades, what signals work best for options, stocks and forex trading so you can enter profitable trades on a consistent basis and cut your losses using a stop loss. Learn how you can profit from your trades to be able to make a passive residual income trading the market from your home.

Contact me here:

If you have come across my post not in need of trading strategy consultation, but have benefited from the information I have presented here. then click on the banner below to learn about a very profitable tradind strategy for those who know what they’re doing.

Whatever you choose to do take care and trade smart.


Follow the link to learn all about my guide to Smart Investing

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Passive Income Online

Since the start of multi level marketing (MLM) a lot of us have had a new and or fresh interest in creating a passive income for ourselves. These companies sold the dream of how you could make money from home telling friends, family, associates and complete strangers about their ‘wonderful’ product and or service.

What Is Passive Income?

Passive income is earning money without actively going to work for it. It is generally based on previous effort that is rewarded time and time again in a residual manner. However, because it is passive does not mean that you do not earn it or work for it. Many companies today have systems set up where you pay for membership to access products or services to promote to others. Having said that there are free services that anyone can sign up for to obtain an affiliate link in order to promote a product or service.

Recommended Passive Income Online

Having been online since the early 2000s I have tried both and based on my experience I would recommend that you get trained before you embark on your quest passive income online.

The best way that I have found is training that offers you paid membership where you pay to sign up for it. There a few things that recommend paid membership when you start looking and they are namely:-

  1. Affordability – when you have paid for a service you generally expect to get a great one! If, you are really serious about creating passive income online you really cannot afford to be cheap. Obviously, look at your budget and see what you can afford based on what is on offer.
  2. Accountability – Having paid for a service the best ones ensure they keep themselves accountable by providing you with excellent service and a community that you can interact with, learn from and share ideas with. This community also holds you to account.
  3. Timeframe – Although your plan is to have a passive income online have to understand there is a time frame and process which cannot be rushed. It might be hard to hear especially when others appear to be creating multiple passive online income, nevertheless an advise which if heeded will prevent unnecessary stress.
  4. Training – Even if you’re a veteran network marketer or affiliate you like everyone else needs to commit to training. Training is what gets you good at what you’re learning and once learnt will help you start creating a passive income online. Coaching gives you the tools you need to succeed and when you commit to it you equip yourself for success.
  5. Online Presence – Another benefit to creating a nice residual income online is having an online presence in the form of a website. A website that you own and are able to access at any time helps to give you authority and makes you stand out to perspective customers. After all, with a website you are open all hours and able to take payments which is how you earn passive income online.

Where to Start

So, we’ve established you want passive online income and you need to be trained for it in order to succeed. However, I am not recommending an MLM nor am I recommending that you attend network marketing events. The reason being the focus here is for you to make a list of people you know and go speak to them.

However, with online training through the right affiliate scheme, you are not making a list instead you are taught/ shown how to promote what it is you already have with the bonus of being able to promote their affiliate link as well. This is great for the person new to online marketing or without any product of their own to promote.

Get started

Last month I moved two of my websites that where hosted with Go Daddy as I found that another one gave me website security and other technical benefits that my previous host were providing at additional costs. Quite frankly, I have been amazed at what they have on offer to Premium members by way of tools and resources which includes training, so I signed up and it’s been extremely insightful and profitable.

To get started on earning a residual passive income online click the banner below:

If you would like to discuss your passive income online goals, get in touch with me for a consulation at

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Wealth Creating

For me the foremost place to start is the scriptural basis found in Deuteronomy Chapter 8 verse 18. Any power you or I have to get wealth comes from God and we must first recognize this is so. If it was all down to us we would also have power over our life and death, which we don’t, see 1 Samuel Chapter 2 verse 6.

Wealth Creating Facts

This is not to say that we have no control and therefore do nothing. No, what it simply means is when we give God his due (his ‘props’ if you will) He gives us the ability to get wealth.

So, lets break down some wealth creating facts, which are namely:-

  • Any ability you or I have comes from God alone who has to be acknowledged. The brain that thought up the idea is the one he gave you.
  • When you believe you have wealth creating ability and say it often enough, you will have what you say, according to Proverbs Chapter 18 verse 21, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.”
  • When you work on your craft and improve your skill and are consistently given to learning and improving, doors open up to you. See Proverbs Chapter 22 verse 29 (I particularly love this one as it’s a reminder to me that my efforts will pay off!)
  • Generous people are on track to be wealthy people. The bible says in Luke Chapter 6 verse 38 to: “Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full—pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back.”
  • When you invest your talents they yield you profits, but when you don’t you lose even what you have, read Matthew Chapter 25 verses 14-30.

The Conclusion

You might be saying or thinking, I know many God-fearing creative, hardworking and generous people who are broke; and also know of mean, selfish and Godless wealthy people and you might be right. However, only God knows the heart of anyone and like every other principle wealth creation has to be followed correctly to work.

If you really want to create wealth for yourself and be a blessing to others commit to following the principles laid out here and see what happens.


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Christmas Stockings Gifts Idea

Christmas is a time of giving (and receiving presents) we often hear, especially in the Western parts of the world. It’s a time a lot of parents spoil their children and many of them admittedly deserve to be spoilt.

However, have you noticed many children’s excitement over their gift ends with the unwrapping? It does give you cause to pause, doesn’t it?

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20 Cogs – Make Money In Your Spare Time



Following an email sent and their none response, I wouldn’t trust this site to fulfill it claims. If you’re looking for 30 day trials on household brands etc. this may work only for getting you a good deal initially.


An easy way to earn some extra money online using this UK based site – finally one that takes the UK market into account! 20 Cogs is offering you the opportunity to make money in your spare time.. 20 Cogs is offering you the opportunity to make money in your spare time.

Users sign up FREE and complete online tasks & offers to make money. Register to 20Cogs today for your exclusive £10 welcome bonus. Can you sign up and complete online tasks? If yes, why not get paid for it?

It is said around this time each year and in the last few years at least households spend an extra £350 to £500. If you have this money available without putting a strain on your expenses elsewhere that’s great! However, if you don’t and you could do with earning a little extra online, why not give it a try?

Trust Pilot has given it a 4.4 out of 5 rating based on 2769 reviews (at time of writing).

I started today and have earned a total of £31.50 (however, as they could not provide me with cogs I could really get behind I have closed the account and have not received this payment – it’s forfeited as per their policy 7/12/19) on completion of COG 8 and within an hour. Can you complete 20 COGS? Let me know how you do below if you get started.

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Start Your Own Business

Since 2008, ORGANO has specialized in producing and marketing proprietary nutrition products, specialty brewed beverages, and personal care products. With natural ingredients sourced from the Earth, ORGANO provides superior quality, taste, and nutrition in all its products. The company currently operates in five continents (do follow the link to see if it is available on your continent).

Coffee as well as tea are widely consumed beverages around the world and the coffee industry is highly profitable one.

Also, health care is a you may be already aware is also very important to a lot of people and very profitable. However, starting up a traditional Coffee Shop or Health Care Store would cost you a pretty penny to start up.

Start Your Own Business

Right now Organo Gold are giving those looking for low cost start up business a chance to market their products with the very low pice of 25 Euro.

Follow the link to signup and get started today here to: Start Own Business

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Health Benefits of Ganoderma

Not only is Organo Gold a savvy business investment – people will buy coffee and invest in their health no matter the economy, hence recession proof, so it pays to invest in the coffee business.