Create the Ideal Website

When I first discovered I needed to own a website, all I knew was to have a website online and that was it.

I didn’t understand monetising my site, marketing and advertising my products and services. However, having signed up for and trained under some very good affiliate marketing organisations, I’m a lot knowledgeable. Also, we know it’s applied knowledge that places you in a position of power.

I want to help you avoid wasting your time and money, so I have laid out some very clear features in this post.

Create the Ideal Website

For you to create the ideal website, you need to start with the right web hosting provider who will, in addition, provide you with the following:-

  • The opportunity to earn a commission from referring others. I didn’t get that with the others and one main web host provider kept placing roadblocks in my way having me go through commission junction, which always had me turned down. Now with my new WebHost, I have my affiliate links tied to my membership and it’s my choice if I want to promote my links or not.
  • You have full control of your website and how you want it to look with a full range of themes and unlimited feature customization.
  • An ideal website is one with speed, security, data backup, SEO, 30 seconds set up and instant domain availability which is industry-leading hosting.  All Websites from my host come with Industry-Leading Hosting!
  • I referred to transferring 2 of my previous websites to this new host and this is another feature to help you create the ideal website – you want to be able to transfer from your old host to a new one and keep your domain name and theme.

All this and more can be done when you transfer to my website host Wealthy Affiliate (WA) today. Or, if you are starting from scratch, register today to build your website.

Follow the link to get started at

If you need help with any of this, then get in touch with me today.

Take care, stay home and stay safe.

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